RashFree: More than a Diaper and Rash Cream

Mild eczema, chafed skin, insect bites, and minor cuts -- my family is constantly afflicted by these common skin problems and we apply so many different kinds of balms and topical medications.  I only have myself to blame for being too lazy to learn about and search for a 'do-all' product that we can conveniently use to make these irritating skin conditions go away.

I am thankful for my blog sponsor, Unilab, because I wouldn't have been educated about zinc oxide if not for their latest skin ointment -- RashFree.  

According to MIMS Philippines, "Zinc oxide is a skin protectant.  It acts as a physical barrier that soothes the skin and prevents it from coming into direct contact with external irritants. This protective effect prevents worsening of the condition and promotes the normal healing processes of the skin."

SRP @ PhP150 / 30g tube 
Each gram of ointment contains 200mg zinc oxide. 
RashFree is formulated for the prevention and treatment of diaper rash. It can also be used to promote healing of:
  • minor skin irritations
  • non-infected wounds
  • burns
  • abrasions, cuts
  • chafed skin
  • sunburn
  • insect bites

I know it's being sold mainly as a diaper rash cream, but I have no baby bum to apply it on anymore. Nevertheless, we still put it to good use.  My daughter has chronic mild eczema. My boy is never free from mosquito bites. As for me, almost a month ago, I had this circular, reddish, scaly, itchy, dry patch of skin above my knee, the size of a 25 centavo coin.  I ignored it for weeks and did not apply any topical medication until I can't stop scratching anymore. 
(Please excuse the icky shot below)

I applied RashFree thinly on that red patch every night over a week, and the relief was instant.  Gradually, the redness subsided, the scaly skin smoothed out, and more importantly, my scratching stopped.  What a big relief! 
(Again, please excuse my icky dry skin)

Suffice it to say, RashFree works!  It's good to keep a tube in your first aid kit or medicine cabinet as a use-all skin ointment. Available at leading drugstores.

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