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Our home is still brimming with new and wonderful things we received over the holidays, with several more items being sent over until after the new year.  Among the gifts were these cool, multi-purpose accessories that the kids and I have enjoyed using.

When the package arrived with three distinct designs, the boy and the girl quickly grabbed and "owned" one for themselves --  not knowing what it actually is, hahaha!  The colors just caught their eye and so they couldn't wait for me to open it.

"HeadWare™ is a seamless elastic bandana with a multitude of uses."  That's right -- it's a multi-purpose accessory that adults, and even kids, can easily use to spice up your daily attire or to complement your active lifestyle.

What I like about HeadWare:
  • Multi-way accessory
  • Stretch/elastic material - highly absorbent, cool and breathable
  • 100% Polyester Microfiber - very light, soft and durable
  • Seamless, tubular shape
  • Fun, hip, attractive colors and prints
  • Very handy
  • Very affordable
  • Great for use by every member of the family

My HeadWare 'Yellow Swirl' @ PhP 290

As you can see here, us girls wore our HeadWare as a hairband/headband.  I usually tie my hair in a ponytail after wearing my hairband, while the girl wears her hair down.  

Hers is obviously the most brightly colored and printed HeadWare, while my boy loved his camo print which he first used as a face mask and pretended to be a ninja (sorry, no photo of that).

The girl in 'Forest is Full of Cuties' @ PhP 390

The boy in HeadWare 'Linear Green Camo' @ PhP 290

HeadWare can also be worn as neck scarf, wristband, dust mask, pirate cap, beanie, tube top and even a skirt.

This one is my own "creation"... as I was tying my hair in a low bun, I just thought I'd try and wrap the messy bun and here's how it looked after a few twists.

My covered bun. Neat and tight. Nice? :)

On other occasions...

...my HeadWare secured my hair and made me look put-together the whole time while we're walking around busy Chinatown last Chinese New Year. Here we are when we got home, and I think you'd agree I still look fairly "neat"...

... and just the other day, it kept my hair in place during my yoga trial session! (More on my first yoga experience on the blog soon.)

View the video on how to wear the versatile HeadWare - just click on the photo:

Choose from a variety of hip and colorful prints from their website.  They even have selected designs in Junior size.  Get one, or two, or more... for yourself and your whole family.
You'll surely love using it.  Great as gifts too!

Got one? How'd you like to wear HeadWare? 
Screen cap from the HeadWare website
Care: Hand or machine wash. Do not iron. Not recommended in dryer
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