Christmas Wish List: What Women (Wives) Want

Second Friday of the month:  Family Friday - Homemakers / Wives

For this Family Friday post, I have decided to focus on what women want for Christmas. Well, in particular, what wives want! The wife and the mother are what we call in Filipino ilaw ng tahanan - the light in their homes that guide the family.  And most often than not, their needs and wants come in last.

The holiday season is just weeks away and though I planned to blog about gift ideas for kids, I thought it would be more interesting to know what many married women have been dreaming of and wishing to have.

So here's what I asked my blogger friends.
Hope you can share with me your TOP 3 CHRISTMAS WISH -- it can be from the most expensive to the cheapest.  Whatever you like to receive as a gift from your husbands or family, or friends. I know we all want to have good health, hugs and kisses, well-behaved kids, etc... but I need you to share something tangible, goods or services that you want. Don't be shy! :)

And now, what the wives want (wish!)...

Eliza wants...
1. An all-day head-to-toe spa extravaganza - something for myself
2. A 2-week China-Tibet trip with my husband (no kid) - something for myself and my husband
3. A top-of-the line kitchen renovation - something for myself and my family

Rochelle wants...
1. A one day 'me-time' of spa, manicure, pedicure and good food - The last two years have been very challenging and pang-recharge lang ang kailangan ko (I just need to recharge). :D
2. That my husband lose weight - He's hypertensive/diabetic and he really needs to lose at least 50 pounds. :(
3. A new camera - I'm not really sure what camera but not point-and-shoot. I've been traveling a lot for work and sana maganda yung camera para maganda din pictures na nakukuhanan ko (hope the camera is good so I can also take nice pictures). :D

Michelle wants...
1. Trip to Amanpulo - Wish ko lang (my wish only), so go BIG time na!
2. Louis Vuitton EVA clutch - This is what I originally wanted to be my first ever LV
3. A new car - because the old one is giving us a headache

Tina wants...
1. One of my wish list, not just exclusively for Christmas really, but generally as one of the things I want to do in the near future, is to take a road trip along California’s coastal hi-ways.  I would skip the usual tourist traps and just allow myself to be captivated by the beautiful coast line and all the small towns that run the coast from Northern to Southern California.  I would love to have the luxury of wandering each locale in a relaxed schedule, as opposed to being a harassed tourist.  To  fill my days with culinary exploration… fine wines, artisanal cheeses, organic produce.
2. My slightly-bulging tummy is always craving for fresh pasta, but fresh pasta is hard to come by in Manila.  It doesn't get much more gourmet than fresh papardelle with truffle cream sauce, different types of fresh mushrooms, and shavings of parmesan.  I am hoping to finally to put an end to my search.  Can anyone recommend where to get in Manila?
3. And since no wish list is ever really complete without an OVER THE TOP item, I really have to add this: I am dreaming of a diamond dangling earring. :)

Kris wants...
1. A nice wallet - can be as affordable as Team Manila or as expensive as Bottega Veneta or something in between :)  My current wallet already looks beaten up and I need a replacement badly.  If the Team Manila one is the choice, I hope it contains cash amounting to the savings from not getting the Bottega.
2. A trip to New York in the Fall - My husband and I went to New York 2 years ago and we loved it.  I want to go back again for a walk around the places we missed in Central Park, Grimaldi's Pizza in Brooklyn, the original Bon Chon and lots of Broadway shows.
3. The ultimate Elfa closet makeover from Howard's Storage.

Paola wants...
1. A new and bigger oven - I've been baking in my current home oven 24 cookies at a time for mommy treats and, believe me, it's excruciating when my average quota is 600 cookies.

2. A MacBook laptop - my HP seems ancient.
3. The perfect no-fail recipe to French Macarons - did I mention "no fail" already? Is that even possible? Baking those temperamental cookies have been the bane of my existence for 6 months now. I ended up with more maca-wrongs than macarons!

Rone wants...
1. A house I can call my own.  
2. A beach house - to work on my tan.
3. Annual membership at Urban Ashram (yoga studio) - so I can wear string bikinis again.

Jenny wants...
1. King sized Tempur Pedic Rhapsody Bed - Because we've always been co-sleeping and with No. 2 on the way, our queen-sized bed is too small! I don't want to be pushed out of bed in the middle of the night.
2. Boba 3G - Having a new baby makes me excited again to babywear! And definitely, that won't stop us from traveling. So having this Boba Baby carrier will make our traveling easier with our portable baby
3. Cake Lingerie's Toffee Bra - Sexy nursing bra? Yes, it's possible and I already have all the different brands of nursing bras except cake lingerie! This would be a wonderful addition to my collection.

Jane wants...
1. I want something I would rather not spend on with my own money - a new Macbook Air.
2. Mall Gift Certificates - so I can buy stuff that I'd actually use.
3. And a cheap gift? Fruitcake, the best, moist kind.

Neva wants...
1. A trip to Boracay or Cebu or Palawan (or all three!!) with the DWs at a nice hotel or resort - we all love the beach and a trip is always a good way to bond and spend time with the DWs. I also need a vacation desperately.
2. A KitchenAid stand mixer in Empire Red - I'm an amateur home baker and having this in our kitchen would really rev up my baking mojo :) I have a list of recipes that I want to try out and they all involve cakes and pastries! This mixer will be working overtime.
3. Canon 5D MarkII with 25-105mm f/4 L-IS-USM lens - I love photography and this is my dream kit but if I can't have this, I just want to have my 450D and the kit lens cleaned haha :D

Rowena wants...
1. Creme de la Mer - I got a sample when I bought my mom a jar and let's just say I understand why people are raving about it. It's simply the best anti-aging moisturizer out there.
2. Hermes bag - I'm eyeing the Birkin and the Kelly. It'll probably be on my wish list for the next several years hahaha.
3. Weight loss package from somewhere - Somewhere, I don't know where... whichever establishment can give me the fastest results probably =)

Jen T. wants...
I actually got one of them already -- my iPhone4!
Other things i want:
1.Cohen Diet - para pumayat na (to lose weight), then after...
2. A new wardrobe - because I don't know how to dress up!
3. A pair of sexy boots or heels that will not kill my feet

Martine wants...
1. A detox and wellness weekend - It can be to The Farm at San Benito, or at a luxury resort hotel, such as a 'staycation' at Chi Spa at the Mactan Shangri-La. I'm a total spa-natic, as you can see. If The Farm, I'd like to partake of the Integrative Yoga Detox Retreat. If at Chi, any of the Signature Journey packages for couples (Friends have said it is divine.)
2. A good chair to call my own - I've always wanted my own chair, and I mean one that is uniquely mine, not an office chair or something. Perhaps a nice chair from Heima. I don't have a chair in my room that I really like or love to lounge in. Or from Space Encounters.
3. Nude pumps - I realize I don't have this staple! Don't really have a brand in mind; as long as they fit well and make me look fabulous, I'm sold ;)

Jen L. wants...
1. A safari-and-beach trip to Africa with my husband - covering South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Tanzania / Zanzibar.
2. A stay at the exclusive private villa of North Island in The Seychelles. 
3. A beach vacation - staying on an over water bungalow in the Maldives :)

Avie wants...
1. Canon s95 - which hubby has already promised me...I've realized that i can't do without a point and shoot camera
2. A pair of 1 carat square/princess-cut diamond studs 
3. A week's vacation in Japan

As for myself...
1. I'm wishing for a vacation house near a beach or in an exclusive resort club - just so the family can escape and unwind, commune with nature, anytime we want.
2. A 3-week European holiday - I want to see the sights, an adventure and cultural tour with hubby.
3. A big emerald-cut aquamarine ring, my birthstone, similar to Princess Diana's.
I'm sneaking in a fourth wish here -- a new wardrobe with matching shoes! :p

Husbands, hope you are reading this!!! =)
As my friends would say, no harm in wishing... so wish big!
May all our Christmas wishes come true, if not this year, maybe someday soon.

Are you wishing for the same things for Christmas? What's yours?

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Palawan subterranean river from 7 New Wonders of the World voting site
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Safari from National Geographic Expeditions site
S95 from Canon website
Ring from dianapow.com

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