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I will be celebrating my wedding anniversary with J at the end of this month. It's gonna be our 9th!  I can still vividly remember the planning and details on the day itself -- how can I forget, I planned and orchestrated my own wedding!

Those days, online bridal communities were almost non-existent in our country, or maybe I was just not looking.  Bridal magazines were my indispensable bible. I only relied on American wedding sites like Wedding Channel, The Knot, and Martha Stewart weddings for tips and design ideas. In recent years, everything can be found online and joining wedding community sites became the norm.

Having been an on-and-off wedding planner for a decade since 1999, I had my share of truly memorable and fun celebrations, forgettable bloopers, elevated stress levels and newfound friendships. Planning can be really exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. Aside from having a wedding planner, new couples can now be depend on online sites that provide a wealth of design inspiration and make sourcing vendors a breeze.

Enter Bridetastic Philippines!

Bridetastic is the newest online bridal community and wedding resource site for couples, and this wonderful site is the brainchild of couple Cathy and Jon.  Here's what Cathy has to say about why they created Bridetastic.
"When I was preparing for my September 2008 wedding, my first instinct was to search for wedding vendor reviews on the web. Unfortunately, this proved to be a cumbersome process since reviews were either scattered all over popular forums or isolated in a particular wedding couple’s personalized wedding site. 
After my wedding, I envisioned in creating a site that could better address the needs of a prospective bride. Reality intervened however and it wasn’t until late 2010, when I was on my maternity leave, that I finally gathered the resolve to start on the development of the site. Finally, after over a year and a half’s worth of sleepless nights, I’m ready to launch Bridetastic.com.ph. 
Bridetastic aims to be a trusted source of wedding related content generated by real brides. Among other things, we focus on aggregating authentic bride-generated reviews of their wedding vendors."

If you're a 21st century bride or groom, an engage couple, or just looking around for wedding ideas and suppliers, do visit Bridetastic. Better yet, join the community! Open an account in bridetastic.com.ph and connect with other brides and brides-to-be, share your experience and personal reviews to help future couples on their wedding planning journey.

Here's the best part -- Bridetastic has something in store for those who'll join until the 25th:
  • Share the site with your readers and join Bridetastic's Share to Win contest
  • Be one of 15 winners of fantastic prizes including a Cambridge Satchel! See contest mechanics here: www.bridetastic.com.ph/contests
For married women like me, let's relive our big day and help other brides create their dream weddings too! Join now, and look me up -- Mom-Friday on Bridetastic. :)

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