Mom-Grocer: Lipton Original Flavor Milk Tea

Since late last year, with the surge of bubble tea places within our neighborhood, I've been constantly craving for ice-cold milk tea and trying different sinkers to combine with it.  If you're like me, then this instant powder mix is the answer to those days when you need your milk tea fix and just don't have the time to grab a tall cup from your favorite tea place.

Among my favorite bubble tea drinks are Serenitea's Wintermelon and Okinawa milk teas, ChaTime's Taro and Red Bean milk teas, and TeaTap's Formosa Roast and Wintermelon milk teas.  All these flavors I've enjoyed with an assortment of sinkers such as black pearl (tapioca balls), coffee bricks (coffee jelly), egg pudding (flan), panna cotta, and grass jelly.  They cost around Php 95 - 105 for each tall cup depending on flavor and combination of sinkers.

I only recently discovered this at SM Hypermarket -- Lipton Milk Tea Orignal Flavor in convenient 15g-stick packs. Now I can simply mix my own cup anytime I want, hot or iced, for less than Php10 per cup!  It's claim is true -- aromatic and smooth, with a light sweet taste. Of course the sinkers make all the difference, but this instant mix is enough to satiate my occasional cravings.
Available at:  Cherry Foodarama @ Php 36.40 / SM Hypermarket @ Php 44.50, per box of 5 sachets

The powder mix is made with instant tea, sugar, non dairy creamer and milk powder -- a quick pick-me-up drink that is flavorful and refreshing. Take it hot in the morning, and ice-cold during warm afternoons.  I just had an icy glass with a pack of pretzel sticks -- my afternoon delight! ;)

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