Family Friday: Video Games and Spelling

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iPad, Wii, XBox, DSi, and cartoon shows ...they did this to my boy...

This post will be all about the boy.

With this latest feat, it now became 1000x harder for me to deny the fact that playing lots (and I mean hours and hours) of video games and too much TV is not all that bad for kids. Well, in this case, for my kid. Obviously, his reading and spelling skills greatly improved due to iPad apps, games, etc. etc.

Don't get me wrong, he still reads books. And he asks a lot of "how do you spell..." questions. We also set time limits to his playing and TV watching, with parental guidance (or nanny guidance) all the time.

Our parenting style may be frowned upon by some, but that's just us. We were never the "no-TV-no-gadgets-on-school days" type.  It simply would not work given the circumstances in our household. We compromise with the kids.  Study first before play/TV.

My confession:  I survived my student life studying while the TV and radio are on. Crazy as it sounds, it helped me focus better. And I never studied past midnight. So who am I to ban them from all these on school days?

While he continues to enjoy the mousey adventures of Geronimo Stilton, and finishes the required reading materials in school, he reads a ton of game instructions on his own everyday.  He also coaches his little sister, and even reads and seriously watches game cheats on YouTube, would you believe that?!

I guess what I'm trying to say here is...to each his own.  
My boy has his own style of learning and we recognize that. I believe all of us parents should recognize how our children learn best, and try to support that.

He's an audio-visual learner. He cannot sit through homework for long periods of time without brief breaks in between.  He tunes out and goes into his zone when focused on a task. He's a very fast learner, grasping concepts quickly.  We always knew art, math and science topics are the boy's strengths, so these achievements in reading and language surprised us.
Before his Spellbound qualifying certificate,
he got a Reading Award

My only credit here is that I did review him with the first batch of words provided for the initial round of their spelling bee. I was not aware of how big they will make Spellbound in school until he told me he got qualified in the Semi-finals, then this, for the Finals. Honestly, we did not have any expectations, and there was no pressure on his part as well. It has always been that way with us in terms of studies.  Therefore, this is all him. 

I thank God everyday for blessing us with an intelligent boy (who doesn't need much tutoring). I am a lousy tutor, I tell you, but I try my best with whatever patience I have at every session. With my level of tutoring, I am amazed that he gets me, and how I explain his lessons to him! :D  I have to admit, hubby is way better at this.

Be responsible. Do your best. No expectations. Reach for the top.
Daddy and mommy are so proud of you JT! :)

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