Fun Friday: The Art of Plants vs. Zombies

Third Friday of the month:  Hobby / Recreation

My kids love to draw. They draw everyday whenever they get the chance.  They get inspiration from their toys, the shows they watch, games they play, the memorable characters that make them sing and dance...whatever's the favorite of the week.  It's their number one creative outlet and they love showing off their works of art!

In today's Fun Friday post, allow me to indulge them with their request to "put it on the computer" and "show everyone" their drawings.
You can say it's a bit late for them to be going ga-ga over the popular game of Plants vs. Zombies, which they enjoy playing on the iPad.  After laugh-out-loud moments with Angry Birds and many other fun apps and games for kids, these odd looking plants and zombies characters finally caught on and eventually translated into their recent daily sketching activity.
To illustrate:
Just the other day, I found this paper folded and stuck between food delivery flyers in the mailbox!
"You got a note:  The Zombies are gonna be a big army, will be there, yes we will."
The kids know the mailbox is where we get mail and letters from others, but they also have this crazy idea that it's also where we "drop their letters" for the mailman to pick-up and "deliver" to whoever they want to send their notes or cards to! :)))  In this particular case, the boy is sending a warning note to the 'Plants', from his 'Zombies' team.  We really find this mailing thing amusing so we just go along with it.

With their current obsession, they create these very detailed sketches of the characters, all drawn by memory.
And so begins the 'art of Plants vs. Zombies".
Illustration of 'the battlefield'
Sorry, but I'm really not familiar with the characters but here are a few of them up close...

Between doing his seatworks and recess, the boy gets to draw in class, and today, he came up with this 'football zombie' (I honestly have no idea if you can find this in the game!) and proudly showed it to me when I fetched him from school.

For my four-year old girl, she's kinda fixated with the flowers and the "walnut", whatever that is (you have to agree with me that it looks like a potato!).

The girl's portrait of "walnut".  She even instructed me to place these mini stuffed dolls to pose with her sketch.
Update:  Correction from hubby - it's actually named "Wall-nut", with it's hard shell used to protect your other plants in the game. So there. I learned something new too. =)

With my boy, who's months away from turning 8, he'll sometimes surprise us with his own "creations" with fascinating details that leave us in awe, like these "warriors".

They have their own boxes full of their "art". Drawing is really a part of their daily routine and we let them be. No rules, just draw whatever. They can do this for hours I tell you. It is a very therapeutic hobby for my active youngsters. I love it!

I received several feedback about where we bought these cute Plants vs. Zombies (replica) plush toys.  You can find them here:
Small:  @ P99 per toy - Regina's gift shop, Shoppesville, Greenhills, San Juan
Big:  @ P125 per toy - Gift Factory store, Robinson's Galleria branch

Showing off more works of art:
Ants from Draw Books
Show and Tell
Easter Egg painting
A Valentine card

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