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First Friday of the month:  Food / Grocery

It's the first Friday of the month and if you're a regular reader, you might be expecting Foodie Friday with a recipe or a dining post for today.  Well, there's something new and a bit different.

Since May is my anniversary month, I planned some new additions to my blog and thought that for today's Foodie Friday, it's the best time to introduce to you:  MOM-GROCER!

I frequent the supermarket -- well that's an understatement.  Once or twice a week I go to the grocery since I don't like to stock on food, especially meats, fish and veggies. I prefer them newly delivered and fresh.  And by the way, I go to four different supermarkets depending on my schedule and what the household needs for the week.  In the process, I have several regular items in the pantry, and a few grocery finds (which I've already featured here in the past).  Time to give them their own category.

MOM-GROCER will be a random post of the good, the bad, and the rotten (hopefully a rare appearance here, hehehe), but mostly about the family's favorites and my kitchen staples which I'm going to share with all of you.

We're in the midst of the hottest day of the summer season and I decided this would be a good first Mom-Grocer post -- Popsicles!
@ P10 each from Cherry supermarket
There are Twin Popsies, and then there's Magnolia Popsies!  What I like about these popsicles is that they are easier to lick and suck with just the right size for one serving.  I hated breaking the twin popsicles when I was younger, and now that the kids have learned to like it, I still hated breaking it in two.  And it's quite messy to eat it as a twin too if you can't manage it.  So when I saw these singletons, I was delighted!  I even mistook them for the twins being transformed to singles, hahaha! Then someone pointed out that they're from different companies.

2 boxes of 24 Popsies per flavor!
I got tired of my girl whining and asking for popsicles every time we go out so I promised we'd buy a box if she behaves and joins me to the grocery. And so she did a few days ago and now we have not one, but two boxes! 24 popsies in a box per flavor, and it comes in 2 icy-juicy flavors.  We bought both Magnolia Popsies Ice Lollies in Orange Chill and Choco Cool.  What a treat! Hubby and the girl are quite the addicts when it comes to ice cream and popsicles so it's a good idea to buy by the box. The Orange Chill is fast disappearing.
Fresh from her "swim" in the kiddie pool, she can't wait for another popsie!
I hope you enjoy this new feature on my blog and I'm also encouraging you to share your market finds here too so we can help each other in deciding what to try, what not to try, and what to include in our grocery list.

Happy grocery-shopping!!!

Check out my past grocery finds here.

Thank you for dropping by.
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