Fun Friday: Watching Jellies at Manila Ocean Park

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Jellies, a.k.a. jelly fish or sea jellies, are translucent soft-bodied sea creatures with a basic body structure resembling an umbrella made of gelatinous material called mesoglea. The jellies don't have a brain nor central nervous system. They only have a loose network or nerves stemming from their 'nerve net'. Many say the term 'jelly fish' is a misnomer since they are invertebrates, unlike a fish, so jellies are more appropriate. - Wikipedia

First time the family went to Manila Ocean Park was back in January of 2009. Then last January, exactly two years later, we trooped to this wonderful theme park, this time with visiting relatives touring the city.  It seemed like it was our first time again and we're all in awe of all the attractions at the first marine park in the country.

We availed of a package that included watching an entertaining sea lion show, walk-through of the amazing Oceanarium, viewing of the colorful dancing Jellies, and a 10-minute fish spa (kids skipped this part!) which was a first for me.  One part of the tour stood out and with this post, it's obvious that their favorite was the Jellies room!

Please don't ask me the names of each one because I really have no idea! :) My boy ended up asking the guide, as we exited, about his favorite species.

Let me leave you with some images of these graceful sea fairies -- pure poetry in motion. Enjoy!

Their favorite was the most dangerous...scroll down to find out the name

A bloom of jellies in one giant aquarium wall 
Getting lost in a maze of cylindrical aquariums

Among the jellies they've seen, this one was their favorite, with it's long stringy tentacles -- Box Jellyfish or Sea Wasp.  Would you believe their venom is considered the most deadly!?!
The venomous Box Jelly
These marine wonders are fascinating creatures. They look so soft and fragile, swimming ever so slowly, moving gracefully with the changing colored lights, to the calming sound of 'Canon in D Minor' as musical backdrop.  My children can't wait to go back, just to see the jellies again.

More attractions we spied from our latest trip to Manila Ocean Park.
Magnificent Ivy curtain or Princess vine
At the Oceanarium
Clockwise: Sea stars, clown fish and anemones, fish spa, ribbon snake
Clockwise: Lionfish, stingray, sea lion, sharks

Check out other attractions and packages from the official website:
Email:  reservations@manilaoceanpark.com

You can read more facts about jelly fish here on Wikipedia, or on Sea Science.

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