Family Friday: Mommy 'Me Time'

Second Friday of the month:  Motherhood

I had several things planned for myself as I was counting down towards my natal day this year. That was Wednesday and I was only able to tick off one 'to do' from my very short list.

I've been meaning to ask my girl friends what their favorite past time is, or rather, what they usually plan for themselves on their alone time, away from the stress of work and demands of family life.  Everyone deserves a "me time", especially moms! I never got the chance to ask them.

Honestly, I have nothing drafted for today's Family Friday post. I can't believe I did not prepare anything about kids and family for today.  And then I thought:  why not post some of the things that moms like me would love to do for ourselves but can't find the time? It's the most convenient reason, "no time", but it's actually the truth. Ok, I'm blabbering...

This is my realistic checklist of things I wanted to indulge in before my birthday month is over.

My Birthday Me-Time List:
   X  1. Hair Conditioning Treatment - availed of Akira Hair & Make-up Studio promo coupon from Awesome Deal @ P960!
   ?   2. Book full body massage at The Spa - GC gift from an event
   ?   3. Schedule appointment for Obagi Diamond Peel - won a GC from Animetric's World
   ?   4. Schedule Foot Spa & Pedi - from my friendly neighborhood salon

As you can see, most are for my "wellness and beautification project", heehee.  I just thought I owe it to myself to get pampered with these treats for my birthday this year since I feeeel soooo oooold now!

I'm not physically fit, I get aches and pains all over from time to time, I feel sluggish during the day, I look like a raccoon most days, and I am perpetually underweight.  I need a change. I need a lift. I need some glow. Okay that last one is a stretch...hehehe.

I have never tried #1 & #3, ever!  And I can't recall when was the last time I enjoyed a #2 and a #4. It was that long. I'm excited already!

As the saying goes, you have to love yourself first before you can give love to others. Mothers in particular, devote much of their time thinking about and doing things for their husbands, children, home, work, that many tend to forget how to take care of themselves and allow some "me time" to recharge.

With the support from family members, we really have to find the time to just do it. Aside from these pampering treatments above, there are many simple yet equally therapeutic ways to relax and rejuvenate our mind, body, and spirit.

Spend some quiet time alone:
  • read a good book
  • pray and read the bible
  • take a long soothing bath
  • take a nap
Entertain yourself:
  • watch a good home movie
  • write / blog
  • play a musical instrument
  • shop, shop, shop
Satisfy your cravings:
  • cook / bake (many find working in the kitchen therapeutic)
  • eat to your heart's delight

If you're wondering about my hair treatment, I really wanted to wait a week of washing and drying my hair on my own before I can give you feedback. I can safely say that my hair is still soft and healthy-looking.  It does not have that silky-shine quality to it but the Yuko Yamashita Hair Treatment worked well on improving the texture of my dry hair. I am maintaining it with the Yuko leave-on conditioning spray which I bought from the salon.  Buying deals from Awesome.ph was such a breeze so I'll be looking out for future offers.

So I'm giving myself 2 more weeks to be pampered and do the last three on my list. Tick-tock-tick-tock!

Go take a break mommies, you deserve it! How would you spend your alone time?

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