Mom-Friday's Lumpiang Cheekoy (Tikoy-Cheese Sticks)

Kid#1 - eating cheese stick
Kid#2 - eating lumpiang tikoy
Me - Tikoy+Cheese+Lumpia wrapper =Accidentally yummy-freaky goodness! 

That was my shout-out at my Facebook page yesterday after cooking those snacks for the kids. This surprise happened while I was frying my favorite lumpiang tikoy first, then followed by the cheese sticks requested by the girl. With the last tikoy stick still frying, I continued with the cheese sticks in the same pan and accidentally left it too long. So, the Quickmelt cheese filling slowly oozed out and stick to the tikoy frying beside it. In short, I have to eat those two rejects and unknowingly created this gooey-chewy-yummy mutation of this lumpia snack, a delicious disaster which I now dare claim and name christen as Mom-Friday's Lumpiang Tikoy at Keso Cheekoy (many thanks to Pia for suggesting the name, genius!)

To document my new-found foodie discovery, and satiate our cravings, I recreated the lumpiang tikoy for our afternoon snack, only this time, I did it the proper way with the tikoy and cheese cuts wrapped together in a spring roll shell, then fried.  I used Hongley tikoy (the best brand in my book!) and our pantry staple Magnolia Quickmelt cheese.

Don't freak out if you find some cheese oozing out from the corners while it cooks. It means it's ready, even though the shell may not be as golden as desired.

Literally, you'll taste the 'best of both worlds' in one bite -- the creamy, mildly salted Quickmelt cheese binding onto the sweet, fragrant, and chewy tikoy, with a burst of texture from the crisp lumpia wrapper. Plus, the savory aroma of fried cheese drippings compound the gooey-goodness of this wicked combo!

Who knew this cooking accident can create a scrumptious and oh-so-addictive delicacy!  I can eat this Lumpiang Cheekoy everyday! If you are lucky to still have some tikoy lying around the house, go try it now!!! (pardon my abusive use of exclamation points)

So what is lumpiang tikoy? Here's the post:
Lumpiang Tikoy recipe

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