Fun Friday: Collectible Toys for the (big) Boys

Third Friday of the month:  Hobbies / Toys / Recreation

Action figures, diecast models, character toys, cars and robots. Aside from electronic gadgets, these are just some of the toys that a lot of (men) big boys collect and drool over, my husband included.

Part of the Justice League action figures collection

Hubby's birthday is coming up soon so I thought I'd dedicated this Fun Friday to him, my first ever post for the big boys.

When my husband unpacked these big brown boxes after we moved in to our own house more than two years ago, I was in disbelief when I saw how much of these collectible toys he has amassed over the years!  A lot of them were still packed in the shipment box ever since it arrived from the U.S. where her ordered many of his toys. Most of his collection are now proudly displayed in his gallery, while some remain stored, unopened, in the cabinets due to lack of space!

Let me introduce you to some of his "prized" possessions, some shared with my boy to play with. And this is just the tip of the iceberg:

Voltes-5 and Voltron

the Devastator Constructicon

Character replicas

Battlestar Galactica and Star Wars

Star Wars chess set I gave him as a gift

Spawn Cyber Units

Ferrari and Disney's Cars

McFarlane Military Soldiers Series

McFarlane NBA Series

To tell you the truth, I still can't appreciate all these. And they're not cheap!  But hey, us girls have our own stuff and the boys just don't get it too, right? So let's leave it at that. To each his own. But I know I am not alone here, having a husband, or brother, son or friend, who goes gaga over these toys, much like the woman who has sleepless nights over the latest 'It' bag or a pair of statement shoes.

If you're a woman and still reading up to this point, thank you, even if I bored you a bit :)))  This is dedicated to all you boys (men) out there, especially the daddies who still love, and are fascinated by these collectibles and continue to be a kid at heart. To quote a friend, "at least they just collect toys, not girls!"

How about you, what do you collect?

Here's mine:
My Vintage Sanrio

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