Rockstar Arnel Pineda Goes Natural

International rock star. Talented Filipino artist. Lead vocalist of the iconic American rock band Journey. Family man. Philanthropist. This is Arnel Pineda.
Up close and personal with Journey's frontman Arnel Pineda

With his current celebrity status, to be able to 'meet and greet' Arnel Pineda is a rare opportunity for anyone. So when I received an invitation to an intimate luncheon in his honor, I knew I could not pass up that chance. This would be his final conference before he leaves for Journey's upcoming world tour. Big thanks to Ms. Abbey Tomas of Protégé who facilitated this special media function.

After fetching the kids from school, we rushed and braved through lunch hour traffic, finally arriving at the popular Mann Hann Chinese restaurant in San Juan where the function was held. After a sumptuous lunch buffet, Arnel table-hopped for a tête-à-tête with the select group of media representatives. Luckily, our table was his last stop and my fellow bloggers just began their Q&A when I came in.
My late lunch, after the interview
The very talented Arnel Pineda was warm, engaging and very down-to-earth. He was very open and candid with his stories and shared his passion for music, his humble beginnings, his foundation for underprivileged children, and how hard work and luck paved the way for the success he is now reaping. Having gone through many of life's challenges, the blessings he is now enjoying with his loved ones are truly well deserved. A genuine and naturally gifted Filipino, Arnel was chosen to become the spokesperson for natural health supplements, which can now be added to his many titles above.

The event served as the official introduction of Arnel Pineda as the latest corporate endorser of Nattural Quality Corporation.

The mental and physical demands from his flourishing music career made him more conscious and appreciate the value of clean and healthy living. Arnel is all for safe and natural food supplements to maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle, for himself and for his family. That's why he accepted to become the corporate ambassador for Nattural Quality Corporation (NQC)-- a Filipino-owned company that "develops and markets innovative herbal-based food supplements known to contain essential elements that help maintain good health and wellness."
Herbal food and dietary supplements from Nattural Quality Corporation
NQC manufactures the famous Ampalaya Plus, vegetable and herbal supplement that helps prevent and control diabetes (ampalaya is bitter gourd). They also developed Ampalaya Plus Delite Herbal Tea, a healthy beverage with the same benefits as the capsule. Then there's Enduranz, containing tongkat ali which is a natural aphrodisiac for men and helps in male infertility and erectile problems.

With his very active and stressful lifestyle, Arnel Pineda swears by Enduranz, which he brings along wherever and whenever he goes on tour as it promotes men's overall health. Slenda is the company's answer to the growing problems in obesity and weight control. It has an all-natural formulation that contains resveratrol.  NQC's latest product is Renalin, an herbal dietary supplement to help support the kidney.

Arnel entertained media reps and gamely posed for photos
Arnel accommodated guests like mommy Joy for souvenir shots with him
"Nattural Quality Corporation continues to produce health products that aims to achieve their vision -- a better health and improved quality of life for Filipinos all over the world. 
Nattural Quality Corporation (NQC) is a 100% Filipino-owned corporation established in 2000. NQC has its products manufactured in a facility that is BFAD (Bureau of Food and Drugs) registered with CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) and ISO (International Organization for Standardization) certification." - www.gonatural.com.ph
Arnel with (left) John Lim and Dr. Gerniliano Aligui (right), marketing consultant and medial consultant respectively,
for Nattural Quality Corporation
After the brief rounds of personal interviews, Arnel happily obliged with requests for photographs and signed autographs. He even signed my cookbook (see bottom photo) complements of NQC! Also present were consultants from NQC, and members of the singer's entourage who proudly showed us a preview of the final TV commercial with Arnel as their newest endorser.

"Bibilib ka sa galing ng Pilipino!" -- Arnel Pineda
(Loose translation:  You'll be impressed with the Filipino's abilities / natural gifts! )
Watching the preview of the commercial
View his TVC here! Just play this video:

This was one memorable event for me and my blog buddies, for sure! It's not everyday that you get to meet, and even interact with an international rock star! To quote Arnel: "Mabuhay Pinoy!"
Starstruck moms:  Me, Joy, Pehphot, and Abbey (Photo from mommy Pehpot)
After a busy weekend, I tried the Ampalaya Delite Herbal Tea and it was so fragrant, soothing and relaxing. I recommend you try it, even if you are not diabetic like me :)  I liked the calamansi (calamondin) flavor and hint of ginger spice. You can barely taste the bitterness of the ampalaya. Take it hot or cold with a teaspoon of honey and enjoy!  Soon, I will try some dishes from this cookbook by Ms. Susana Guerrero with Renal Diet recipes.

Cheers to health and wellness!

Know more about the health products of Nattural Quality Corporation.
Visit:  www.gonatural.com.ph

Arnel Pineda gives back. You can also support Arnel's advocacies here:
Arnel Pineda Foundation, Inc.

For those not familiar with Arnel Pineda, watch Journey with Arnel here on Oprah, as he sings "Don't Stop Believing", and "Faithfully".  The second one being, as Oprah puts it, "the song that got him the job" (as the band's frontman).

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