Laces and Bows for A Girly Girl

Think Madonna in "Like A Virgin".  This image came to mind when I was in the mall the other day seeing all the laces and ribbons, leggings and ankle boots, and a multitude of pearl accessories!  I felt like I was back in the 80s!!!

And here's what caught the girl's eye...

As soon as she saw this baby pink lace bow on the rack, she quickly pointed to me and asked that it be put on her head.  Well, you all know how that ends...I gave in to her poor-puppy-eyes look and bought this black-satin-ribbon-covered hairband at P199.75 (US$4.50) since she refused to take it off as soon as it landed on her head.  And it's for ladies!

Girly: check. Frivolous: check. Over-the-top: check.  Adorable: triple check!!! I was smitten too =)

I thought, the only thing missing was a gift wrapper and she was a perfect-looking present!
"It's mine!" exclaimed the girl.

At barely 4 years old, I can't help but be amused as she checked herself out in the bathroom mirror less than an hour before her bedtime!
She wore this frothy little thing for the rest of that day, and only took it off to bathe.  It was back on again after dinner and was kept on until it was time to go to bed.

And yes, she wore it to school today.

Top images are from: http://ditahxxx.multiply.com/photos/album/22/LIKE_A_VIRGIN_1984_PHOTO_SHOOT#

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