I Finally Won A Blog Contest

Mom-Friday is a WINNER!  Not just 1, but 2 prizes! Awesome!

After more than a year of blogging, and trying my luck at joining a handful of blog contests and raffle promos, I finally hit jackpot one fateful Friday morning of September.

Winning Entry #5
My girl Jen, traveling mama of Folie a Deux, ran a Luxe City Guide raffle here a month ago showcasing some of the greatest cities around the world, like Barcelona, Rome, Venice, New York, Dubai, London...all of which I fervently wish to visit someday. To win a Luxe City Guide, all you have to do was write what city guide you like to have. I chose NYC, took a chance and expected nothing.

I got a Tweet one morning saying Mom-Friday won! Woohoo!
The package arrived only recently (mailed straight from London!) and I just can't wait to get my hands on this wonderful gift!
The thought of actually winning something, big or small, was worth all the effort. After browsing through my LUXE City Guide - NYC, it certainly proved that big things come in small packages. It's a perfect travel companion indeed. The guide is even small enough to fit in my wristlet!
Now, all I have to do is find the money to get me and my gang to that "concrete jungle where dreams are made of...!"  Any sponsors? :-)))

You too can win a fab city guide of your choice by joining the second Luxe City Guide giveaway here, this time from Jen's travel blog, The Travel Provocateur. Hurry, you only have until the 30th to join!

Special Prize #5
The second email I received was from Frannywanny, also a food and travel blogger who ran an anniversary contest with accessory trend-spotters Jean & Rosz. I was really eyeing the multi-strand necklace, so I typed away and posted my entry.  But then again, I never expected to win any of the prizes at stake since there were more than 30 entries they needed to screen and choose from.

That same morning, it was such a pleasant surprise to hear from Fran that I won the Neutrogena Ultrasheer Sunblock (prize #5)! Cool! She delivered it straight to my doorstep.

I think my stars were aligned that day since the good news came on the same day I announced the winners for My Mom-Friday's very first blog raffle contest! Triple awesome! And the winning entries are both lucky #5!  There's really no such thing as coincidence!

Now I feel like running another blog contest here...(thinking)... ;)

Second photo of New York city by Jen, from Folie A Deux.

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