Fun Friday: WIN a Fro-yo Treat from TUTTI FRUTTI Centris Walk!

Third Friday of the month:  Fun & Recreation

There's a fro-yo frenzy now sweeping the nation, and TUTTI FRUTTI blew me away with more than 40 flavors!!!

Last weekend, the kids and I finally had a taste of one of the newest frozen yogurts in town -- Tutti Frutti at Centris Walk. Tutti Frutti is a very popular self-service, soft serve fro-yo US franchise which boasts of more than 50 flavors. But here in the Philippines, they carry 44 flavors. Still, among currently available fro-yo brands in the country, Tutti Frutti has the most flavors on offer.

With the invitation of our friends from Tutti Frutti Centris Walk, which opened its doors only last July, we were finally able to try some of their healthy and refreshing frozen yogurt. Like a kid in a candy store, I didn't know what to have with a row of flavors and assortment of toppings to choose from!  And all flavors are low- or non-fat. Add to that, the whole ambiance of this outlet is very cool and contemporary, with their gorgeous red lounge chairs calling you to sit on them, to chill out and indulge.

I found out they have unique and interesting flavors, with quirky names, like: Very Berry Raspberry, Kiwi, French Vanilla, Cappuccino, Lychee, Strawberry Cheesecake, P-Nut Butter, and bestsellers like their Taro, Almond, Death By Chocolate, and Original Tart. Check out more flavors here. There are 8 flavors available everyday, which they change every two weeks so customers can expect something new each time.

One of the partners, Cath, disclosed that they only use top quality ingredients from the U.S. like (the famous brand) Ghirardelli for their chocolate flavor.  And they have flavors unique only to Tutti Frutti such as Guava, Pomegranate, Coconut, Just Peach, Orange Cream, Melony, and Pina Colada, among others.

Here's my boy eagerly pointing to the 'Death by Chocolate' which he can't wait to try.  It has a light, creamy chocolate flavor, though I was expecting it to have a richer chocolate-y taste, the kid seemed to like it.
 The boy's cup of Death by Chocolate topped with fresh mangoes, cookie dough and choco chips

I actually liked their' Original Tart', but taste is really subjective as customers have different preferences on the level of tartness. And how can I miss my favorite taro flavor, which I shared with my girl. As expected, their 'Taro-bly Delicious' is a winner! Subtly creamy, not too sweet, no artificial taste. No wonder this light purple confection is a bestseller.
The girl with her 'Taro-bly  Delicious' showered with her usual colored sprinkles and mini marshmallows

Aside for a wide selection of delectable flavors, they also offer 37 toppings such as fresh fruits, assorted chocolates and nuts like almond chips and walnuts, cereals, cookie crumbs, and syrups. Yum!

Whether you crave for a full tub or a small serving, Tutti Frutti has 3 cup sizes you can choose from to satisfy your craving. Their 'Medium' cup, good for 2 when full, is actually a counterpart of a 'Large' cup from other brands. I was already very satisfied with our regular cup (",)
5 flavors down, so many more to go!!!  I can't wait to try their Almond, Tutti Frutti, and Coffee flavors!

For their store opening salvo,
Tutti Frutti Centris Walk is giving away
3 medium cups of Tutti Frutti frozen yogurt!
(with your choice of flavors and toppings)
Just leaving me a feedback and follow our sites.
Offer ends at 12 midnight of September 1, Wednesday (Manila time). It's that easy!

To qualify:

Raffle A = 2 Winners
Step 1 - Just answer:
What flavors do you want to try at Tutti Frutti Centris Walk?
Write answer in my comment box below (register name & email in the form to verify your identity).
You only need to comment once. That's it!

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Raffle B = 1 Winner
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Feel free to join both raffles, but you can only win once. No spamming, and no double posting of comments please :-)

Join now! Cut-off at 12 midnight of September 1, Wednesday (Manila time).

Winners will be announced on September 3, Friday.

* * *
WINNERS POSTED HERE. Congratulations and thanks to all of you who joined!

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  • This giveaway is only valid at Tutti Frutti - Centris Walk branch.
  • Make sure you post a feedback on the comment box below with your name and email (not visible to public) so I can contact the winners
  • Relatives of Tutti Frutti management and staff up to the first degree are disqualified to join.

More good news!
Tutti Frutti Centris Walk is also running their own Facebook page promo!  One more chance to win a medium cup of your favorite frozen yogurt! How?
Suggest people to be friends with Tutti Frutti Centris Walk on Facebook and the one with the most suggested friends wins a medium cup yogurt! You have until August 25!

Have fun and good luck!
Many thanks to our generous friends at TUTTI FRUTTI Centris Walk for these super yummy giveaways!

Read more about our visit to Eton Centris Walk here.

Tutti Frutti Centris Walk
Eton Centris Walk, EDSA corner Quezon Avenue

Tutti Frutti came from the U.S. and is 100% Self-Serve. It's now present in different countries like Canada, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia. Thailand. In the U.S., you may find it in Washington, Hawaii, California, Virginia, Nevada and Texas. For more info, you can check the Tutti Frutti website.

Top 3 photos courtesy of TF Centris Walk.

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