Day-Out At Eton Centris Walk

A new commercial center right smack in the middle, or should I say corner, of busy EDSA and Quezon Avenue?  First time I've heard of Eton Centris, I cannot really visualize where and what this place is, so I have got to see it first hand.

The family took the opportunity to visit the place when hubby had a scheduled lunch meeting at one of the restaurants in Eton Centris Walk.  My curiosity was finally satiated. The complex looks cool and futuristic! As soon as we walked through the promenade, I was impressed.

Centris Walk is part of business tycoon Lucio Tan's Eton Centris property on that huge corner of EDSA and Quezon Ave. which conveniently connects to the MRT Centris Station. According to it's website, Centris Walk is a "mixed-use complex that epitomizes the vibrant work-shop-play-and-live concept...covering a gross floor area of more than 14,000 sqm. ...making use of “green architecture”, this new dining and lifestyle oasis will feature lush landscape, covered walks and pedestrian-friendly promenades."  Wow.

I was held in awe by these mushroom-like discs towering over the whole complex.  Honestly, I don't know their purpose but they definitely made up for the lack of scenery at this time.  There are a number of establishments already open but I was informed that everything will be up and running before the holidays.

Despite the scorching mid-day sun, the kids just went crazy at the play area...with the swings and slide, mini camp house, and their all-time favorite carousel!

Worth mentioning was our lovely lunch with my friend and her kids at Italianni's. We had our favorites like calamari, spaghetti and meatballs, and chicken parmigiana, and their latest offering, Spaghetti Al Granchio -- tossed in aglio olio and crab meat. I love anything with crabs but this pasta dish didn't make an impression, so I had leftovers. But service was excellent and they even went an extra mile with customer satisfaction when they generously offered to cook me a new serving of the pasta dish after they asked how our meal went.  I gave an honest feedback that it tasted a bit bland and they offered to replaced it. So thank you to the Italianni's Centris Walk service team and their training officer Rich (hope I got the name right)! It was a welcome surprise. And that's what I have here in my take-out bag. :-)

Then off we went to Tutti Frutti for some yummy fro-yo desserts courtesy of our friend, who invited us to sample the different flavors on offer. I was really looking forward to this part of our day. :-)

Don't miss my full story on our visit to Tutti Frutti Centris Walk, up next .

And this summed up how our day went.

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Tutti Frutti - Centris Walk
Eton Centris Walk
EDSA corner Quezon Avenue

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