Mom-Finds: Porcelain Bowls @ Japan Home Center

Last Friday of the month:  Mom-Finds under P500

Form and function, AND everything at P88!

SOLD! These gorgeous bowls and plates immediately caught my eye from the center aisle as soon as I entered the store.  I needed a spanking new set so I'm off to the counter in minutes.

If you can see my kitchen cabinets, you'd find glassware and mostly white plates and serving sets. I may not call them sets anymore as a few pieces have already crashed and went. So I wanted to add some punch to my safe stark white sets that wouldn't break the bank.  And voila! I found these super affordable, pretty lookin' porcelain ware (at least that's what it claimed to be) with deep blue floral prints all over.  The look was orientalia at first glance.

They have very limited pieces so after checking for chips, lumps and stains, I decided on a set of four 6" bowls and 8" serving plates. I have to control myself from getting the matching rice bowls with built-in chopsticks holder (holes), but I just needed these soup bowls and plates. There's no denying the P88@ price tag was too tempting!

Didn't let these ramen bowls pass me either so I got two. There, I'm done. Honest.

It's not the first time I shopped at Japan Home Center. We bought quite a lot of stuff for ourselves and for the home ever since we discovered their shop in Greenhills. And then in SM Hyerpermart - Shaw. The store shouts everything at P88.  Some goods with special tags even sell for P66!!! Who wouldn't want to go in and horde?! You're bound to leave the store with something.

Japan Home Center carries an assortment of imported products from household items to school supplies, novelty items and personal care products.

Take a peek (stole a few shots from my mobile phone)...
Got a couple of wooden boards among other kitchen implements

To be honest, not all the items they carry are de calidad -- you'd realize you do get what you pay for.  But most of the items we got did last and still continue to serve their purpose.  Just choose carefully.

So shop, shop, shop --- everything at P88! Happy weekend!

Japan Home Center
SM Hypermarket - Shaw Blvd. Mandaluyong City
Shoppesville, Greenhills Shopping Center

Japan Home Center is NOT the same company as Saizen (Daiso) Japanese shops also carrying similar products at bargain prices.

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