Beat the (Election) Heat with Butchie's Buko-Dayap Sherbet

The country is experiencing an unbearable heatwave, compounded by the 'election fever', this hot summer month of May.  And while we all anxiously wait for the official results, let's all relax and cool down with this very refreshing sherbet!

Last weekend, the kids and I dropped by Butchie's Recipes along Wilson Street.  It just happened to be across Pan de Amerikana where we were buying our favorite wheat pandesal. Though the store is just a few minutes away from our place, this was the first time we went to check it out.

As we entered the quaint shop, I realized it was also a dining place where they serve home-style Campampangan dishes. We were also greeted with tall shelves stocked with local delicacies. The sights and smell brought back childhood memories (my maternal granny was from Pampanga). You can say this store showcased the best of Pampanga's culinary specialties.  I was overwhelmed, so were the kids and nanny, we didn't know what to grab and take home.

With an assortment of products on offer, I finally decided to buy a tray of silvanas and a jar of Masa Podrida (shortbread cookie). It was freakin' hot that day and the chest freezer on the corner was just pulling me in. Then I saw a small tub of Buko Cheese Dayap Sherbet. At first I thought the flavor sounded a little weird, right?  But what's more perplexing was seeing the Ebun Buro (salted egg) and Malunggay (moringa) ice cream!  Just the thought of those flavors in an ice cream were mind-boggling for me so I did not attempt to buy some of those (",).  Has anybody out there tried these already? I'd like to know your experience.

I bought the sherbet. The verdict:  This buko (coconut) sherbet, flavored with just a hint of cheese (and maybe some pandan essence?) and sprinkled with bits of fresh dayap (native lime) rind is one of the best sherbets I've tasted in terms of flavor. Refreshing to the max! I'm an instant fan.

Unlike other sherbets (sorbets) that lacked real juice, Butchie's Buko Cheese Dayap Sherbet delivers an authentic flavor that you can really taste. Every spoonful will have chewy bits of coconut complemented with a citrus kick from the dayap rind.  The cheese was invisible to me but somewhere in each scoop, you can still taste a bit of its creaminess. And when it melts, you'll know it's real buko juice in there.  One thing I didn't like was it's shaved-ice-like appearance. I would have loved it even more if this concoction was made smoother in texture. But the flavor still won me over.

I will definitely go back to Butchie's and try their other yummy delights!

Have a cool week ahead!

Butchie's Recipes of La Moderna Pampanga
Ground Level, Health Cube Bldg.
226 Wilson St., San Juan City
Tel. (632) 385-0387


  1. Miam-miam-yum...I'd like to try this sherbet, but not the duck egg or malunggay one, though!

  2. That looks so good!!!! I've never seen it on Wilson, but I'm definitely looking for it next time I'm there.

  3. I tried the Ebun Buro ice cream at Butchie's a year ago. It couldn't be that bad... I can't remember anything about it now. Shouldn't hurt to try it. :)

  4. Jen - you have to try this next time you're in town ;)

    Rone - It's not so appealing from the container. Honestly, I hesitated to buy when I saw it, but was just too curious to have a taste. And it's worth the P220.

    Tina - I'm still trying imagine the taste of the Ebun Buro, but I'll let you know soon...abangan...heehee!

  5. wow, we haven't felt real summer here yet, but the flavour conconction of those sorbets sound very interesting - I'm even very much interested in trying the salted egg and malunggay flavours (makes you wonder who would come up with those?) :)


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