Freestyle Friday: The Girl and The Bob

Freestyle Friday:  The Bob Cut 

Today, I am launching another Friday category -- FREESTYLE FRIDAY.

So what is Freestyle Friday?

If you were following my blog for sometime now, you may have noticed the 'renovation' and improvements I have made over the last several weeks, which included a fixed category for all 4 Fridays of the month just to keep things organized in here. But some months have 5 Fridays -- like this month of April. I made an exclusive post about it which I linked below. I'm re-posting a portion for you:
What if there's a FIFTH FRIDAY in a month?
If that's the case, the 5th Friday = LAST Friday of the month = Mom-Finds and Raves post for this last (5th) Friday.
In effect, the 4th Friday for that month will now be:
FREESTYLE FRIDAY - Anything goes...well, sort of.
I will take this opportunity to post anything that strikes my fancy at that moment, or some inspiring images that reflect my interests in fashion, design and photography.  Less words, more pictures. Consider this a pleasant break from the usual write-ups. 
Read the full post on what I am blogging about here on MY FRIDAYS , which you can also find on the sidebar under 'About Mom-Friday'.

"Mommy gave me a trim...I don't know if I like it or not...hmmm..."

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