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Last Friday of the month:  Mom-Finds

It was three years ago that a close friend offered me these cute, stick-'em-anywhere label stickers and I thought it was just perfect for my boy, who was about to go to preschool then. After seeing the wide assortment of designs and the novelty of these name stickers, I was hooked!

Sticker Galore offers imported waterproof stickers with a range of fun designs. Choose from Sanrio and Disney characters, to the classic Smiley and plain colors, and more.  They can personalize the stickers with your names or any message you like.

After having my daughter, I made sure I also got a pack for her too with my all-time favorite Sanrio characters, Hello Kitty and My Melody.  It was so tempting to peel and stick them on each item that they will bring to school -- on books, tumblers, comb, bags, food keepers, even on toy boxes, cellphones and cameras! The kids just love their own stickers, but I had to keep it away from them as it was so hard to stop my twosome from sticking them anywhere.

As a mom, I can really appreciate having this novelty, yet practical item on hand. And even after three years, my boy's name tags are still securely on! Sticker Galore is such a great find and it's something to rave about so I am posting some of my favorite designs as a preview.

For the girls...

Hello Kitty and Disney Mix Sets

Pichi-Pichi Pitch - Large

For the boys...
Cars - Large

AstroBoy and Pokemon - Medium

And something for everyone...
Beach and Smiley - Small

Furniture Dog and Sea Paradise - Medium
Nemo and Pooh & Friends - Medium

Bears and Plain - Small

I actually introduced these cute knick-knack in an earlier post. If you were able to catch my blog make-over contest early last month, I pledged a pack of personalized stickers (formerly JEL Stickers) for each of the top three finalists for my new image header (which you now see up there).

Sticker Galore has recently launched new and exciting characters and faster delivery time. I just could not resist sharing this cool find with you.

Each pack comes with 3 sticker sheets and the quantity depends on the size:
Small (22x9mm) - 100 pcs.
Medium (30x13mm) - 72 pcs.
Large (47x15mm) - 36 pcs.
It's a steal starting at P100.00/pack, depending on the size and combination of your order.

Another good news is they now offer on-the-spot printing booths for kiddie parties and other social events! So what are you waiting for? Call Sticker Galore for more details and collect all their cool designs.

Mobile: +63922-8343692
Email: stickergalore@gmail.com


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  1. i also have this waterproof stickers in sanrio and thomas characters, but i bought them in sogo- hongkong. when my supplies run out, i will be sure to order from sticker galore. great mom-find!

  2. Hi! I've been a lurker of your website for a few weeks now and I find your posts interesting and very informative. Keep up the good work! Btw, can I include your blog in my blog roll? Thanks.

  3. Jen - yes, this is Ellen's :)

    Tina - thanks, my friend will be happy to know that

    Cheann - I'm very happy that you like the site, thanks for your support and do visit more often. I'd be honored to be part of your blogroll.

  4. thanks lee for this =) di pala nag post yung ni post ko before =(


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