A Ring, A Rose, A Valentine's Day

For lovers, for friends, for husbands and wives, mothers and children, Valentine's Day is a special day spent in many different ways.

So, no matter what you do, what you give, or receive on this day of hearts...

...an engagement ring...
I received my engagement ring exactly 8 years ago today

 ...a paper rose...
My first (paper) rose from my sweet little boy

 ...blue chocolate Kisses...
Well...I just found these in the fridge  (",)

...always cherish the thought that goes with the gift, and time spent on this special day.

Hope you all had a beautiful, love-filled Valentine's Day!


  1. your engagement ring is beautiful!! belated happy hearts day and happy new year to you and your family! :D

  2. Looks like you had a good Valentine's this year!

  3. Neva - thanks! originally it was a solitaire ring, hubby didn't mind I had the stone re-set to this one to suite my taste, haha :)

    jen - on the contrary, it was uneventful! we don't celebrate it anymore... only the paper rose made it special this year :D


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