Mom-Friday (site) Make-Over In Progress

Mom-Friday Make-over update:

After months of browsing through sites, several trials and errors, downloading and trashing, and a few grades away from having astigmatism, I was quite satisfied with what I have found -- two templates I can easily work with. I only wanted a clean background for my photos to pop, and basic features for ease of use.

The first one was bright white, streamlined and minimalist.

The second is simple, warm and subtly feminine. As much as I wanted a very minimalist look, I finally chose the second for its warm appeal. I thought it was more apt for a "mom blog".

This site is still a work in progress as I am a total HTML Dummy, clueless to what I am doing here. Special thanks to hubby for setting up Blogger with my domain, after almost one year of dormancy! And thank God for free templates and themes with online tutorials and support from the template designers to help struggling bloggers like me.

The new look calls for a new logo and header so the image you see here is only temporary.  I consider this blog site my home online, a journal and repository of my thoughts, and whatever you see here is a reflection of me, of Mom-Friday.  Hopefully, mymomfriday.com can be a worthy platform for what all Mom-Fridays out there represent.

Who knows, maybe after a year, or less, I can have my own customized design!

Incidentally, while I am doing a make-over on this site, we are also undergoing some minor home improvements. On that aspect, I am far from clueless and that deserves a separate post altogether.

Now, back to layout tweaking...

Images from Natuzzi.com