Mom-Friday Site Make-Over In Progress

Wanted:  Mom-Friday Make-Over

Hi friends!
It's the Year of the Tiger tomorrow and I guess it's about time that Mom-Friday undergo some changes.  In the days ahead, you might experience some glitches as you visit the site, and maybe a total "blackout" or temporary no-show of mymomfriday.blogspot.com altogether.  I have been planning some improvements since last year, nothing major, but I did not really had the time to make things happen.  Everything I planned to do on this site is mainly for your reading pleasure, with better content and aesthetics, to show you that I genuinely appreciate all the encouragement and inspiration.

My request is to please bear with me during this whole process. And with your help along the way, a new and improved Mom-Friday will be up and ready to chronicle more mommy adventures, and misadventures!

I would love to know what you think -- what do you like most about this site? what do you like to see more of? what don't you like in here? I will look forward to your feedback in the comment box.

As part of the site's "renovation", I will launch a contest very soon, so watch out for it!

Again, THANK YOU for your continued support.

Here's a box of sinful dark chocolates for a sweet Valentine's Day!

Update on site make-over, click here.


  1. Am I the right person to make a comment about your make-over? :) I'm also trying to do that. By that time, I think I would need a chiropractor and sunglasses after doing some work. I could say that your photography has improve. The layout is better too. Is that chocolate part of your contest? :)

  2. Can't wait to see the makeover!! Shoot me an email if you need "help" - I put quotation marks on help, because I really don't know much with blog formatting - believe me!! I'm still also learning each day!


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