The Boy is 6

"The time goes by so quickly. Precious moments need to be shared while they can. The lives of children move on so swiftly, and there are so many days that are already memories.  Of all the things I have come to understand, the best is to cherish today -- before it's too late. Don't worry about things that don't matter.  The chores can always get done some other time. Do what you must, but do what it takes...to make the sunlight shine.
I know I've got other things to do. There are people to talk with, things to straighten up, problems to work out, and places to go. But today, they'll all have to wait.  Far more important things are on my mind. A child I love ranks above everything else.  And sometimes the most beautiful and most important thing we can do is just be together with the ones we love...and make the sunlight shine." - Ceal Carson

Happily celebrating with a simple home-cooked lunch for his classmates at his Prep school

Chocolate cupcakes made by Gwa-ma (maternal granny), topped with sprinkles, marshmallow and pretzel, for his school party

The quote above is from the book 'The Language Of Parenting', a very inspiring collection of poems and quotes that helps me reflect on my being a parent and what a special gift it is to be a mom. I share the author's sentiment, especially now as my baby boy turned 6 today.  This brief post is dedicated to him.

He said he is not a baby anymore, "I'm a big boy". And it started with his front teeth falling off! My hubby and I now miss his toddler years...he's growing up so fast, and soon, he'll be his own man.

Store-bought Chocolate Mousse cake, decorated with the birthday boy's mini Transformer robots, and topped with more sprinkles

Completing the collection of his current favorite toys -- with his ear-to-ear grin, it's obvious he's loving his new Transformers

Being a stay-at-home mom is such a blessing.  I appreciate this now more than ever since I have been able to see him through his many 'firsts', and also with my girl's.  Just being there to guide and encourage during his formative years is priceless. My prayer is that he will grow up to be a noble, compassionate, intelligent and responsible citizen of the world.

"Daddy, I had a great day today!"

A great day indeed. We love you JT!  Happy 6th birthday!

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