Mom-Finds: Belts for Kids & Ladies

15th of November, pay-day weekend, Mom-Finds. I can't believe it's only 40 days 'til Christmas! In the past 4 years, I was already done with my Christmas shopping as early as end of October, and now, I have not even window-shopped for gift ideas! Better look back at my own finds here, and some more for girls on this post. I most definitely need to set a date very soon to avoid the shopping frenzy, not to mention the heavy traffic, come December. For now, it's back to Mom-Finds -- for kids and ladies. I apologize for missing a Mom-Find entry last October 30th, but I thought our Holloween story made a more interesting read.

Shopping for kids' accessories like hats, belts, bags, sun glasses and wrist watches has not been a habit of mine as it falls to the bottom of the list of 'wants' and 'must-haves'. I don't know if I am alone on this but I really never bothered accessorizing my kids' outfit. Putting on a nice pair of shoes is quite enough for me. What bothers me though, is that sometimes, when I tuck in their shirts and find belt straps, it screams "belt please!".

Question:  Do moms, and maybe dads too, seriously shop for kiddie belts?  I don't.

Assorted Belts for Boys and Girls

Maybe I am just one lucky mom to have a sister-in-law that produces leather goods and accessories, belts included.  Surely, that's one reason why I don't give so much effort to find these stuff that holds up our pants! But when I do need one for my boy or girl, I can't seem to find a smart looking belt to accent their outfit. Of course there's the usual leather and braided belts, canvas and garrison belts.  But I want fun and color for my little miss and master.  And like an answered prayer, we received some really cute, colorful, adjustable elastic kiddie belts!

Starts at P100 P160 @ : JB Kids, the children's line of belts and accessories from McJim Leather, came out with some cool, quirky, and fun designs in kid-friendly materials, some of which are reversible! 

Wouldn't these make great gifts for your nieces and nephews, your kids' classmates, playmates, friends and neighbors?

Mom-Friday's Fashionable Belts under P500
 P395 : Gotta have this animal-print belt from SM
P499 : Brown suede hip belt with studded gold hook from Celine

The animal print, faux fur textured belt, with crystal-studded buckle on top has caught my eye as I passed through the accessories section of SM Megamall. Same goes for the hip belt that goes great with a simple tunic or a shift dress. At first glance, the gold Gucci horse-bit trademark came to mind. 

Their luxe appeal adds some glamour and bling to a tailored look.  Likewise, with a shirt and jeans ensemble, these would definitely kick it up a notch or two.

JB Kids by McJim
At leading department stores nationwide

SM Megamall, Ortigas Center

Shangri-la Plaza Mall


  1. G only has 1 belt. A pink one from Diesel, which was a gift from a friend! Belts were never on top of my list either. But these are cute and affordable. I wish I bought some when I was in the Philippines, coz P100 pesos is only about $2 CAD! What a find!!

  2. I guess the red belt from M's party lootbag didn't reach you...will send G a few when I get the chance :)

  3. sorry for the typo - elastic belts start at P160


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