Roasted Bone Marrow Snack Anyone?

Believe me, it tastes so much better than it sounds...and looks!  I am really a sucker for bulalo, literally! I guess it's an acquired taste. Whether it's beef bulalo (beef shank) soup or bulalo steak, I always get first dig on the marrow. Eaten with steamed rice, I savor it in all it's fatty glory, mwahaha...

I have been meaning to try this rich, delectable, artery-clogging spread of roasted beef bone marrow on toast bread ever since Market Manila featured it in his site.  This unique appetizer got my full attention when I first read about it. So at the grocery last weekend, I got me some really good cuts of beef shank and had the three bones in a separate pack.

1st step: 
I scraped off the extra meat and tendons from the bones and rinsed them.

2nd step:
As detailed in Marketman's blog, "one has to or should soak the cleaned bones/marrow in cold salted water in the fridge overnight or up to 24 hours, changing the brine solution 3-4 times over a 24-hour period. This step is to remove much of the blood and draw out other impurities..." 
Now "clean" after overnight in the brine
I soaked this batch overnight, but totally forgot to change the brine in the morning!  Oh well, at least the bones still look nice and the marrow firm to the touch, see the 'before and after' brining above.  

So, on with the "project".  I ended up making this my 'heart-stopping' afternoon snack for one!

Sizzling in its own fat, hot off the oven

3rd step:
Pre-heat the oven at 200'C (400-450'F). I placed the bones on a non-stick baking sheet and roast.
I roasted for 20 minutes BUT I should have timed it at 15 minutes instead based on the sizes of the marrow I had --  look, the two (darker ones below) shrunk to half its original size.

4th step:
Garlic-rubbed toast bread.
Didn't have baguette slices, nor fresh parsley to add flavor and garnish.  My version had toasted wheat bread, rubbed lightly with garlic, and pinch of sea salt to taste.

Scoop, spread, sprinkle with flakes of salt, savor!

Chowed it all down in 5 minutes, my cholesterol level is now off the charts for sure. Then I guzzled a glass of ice-cold rootbeer to cap this unique snacking experience. Ahh...burrpp...!  :-)

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  1. ...and I can't believe how skinny you remain, even after a meal like this! Bulalo and root beer! I don't know if I can eat any of those. I guess, now it's time for me to reveal that this is not my favourite type of meal. Can you believe that I haven't tried bulalo before? I just can't...I think my hubby would love it, though. And root beer is not my drink as well.

    P.S. I think it should have been me you asked to eat the balot at your wedding. Johnny loves them, sisiw and all. I just eat the yolk and soup! Hahaha...

  2. It looks pretty darned good to me. Just don't indulge more than once or twice a year... :)

  3. Jen, you to try this, at least once, if you're scared you can just drown the marrow in soup :D

    MM, i don't think i can stop at 2x/year since we make beef bulalo soup like every other month? so I guess i'll let the kids have it na lang, heehee

  4. Grabe, Michelle! This bone marrow snack is deadly! LOL! I stopped buying beef products since 2008 (I think), and the only beef I get to taste and very seldom at that is corned beef in can. My bad cholesterol is a bit above normal, so I'm really on a low-cholesterol diet right now. I know it's yummy, but this definitely is not for me. LOL!

  5. Tetcha - yes, deadly! :))) yummy and deadly!


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