My Quick 'Chocolat' Fix

Lately, I have been cake-tripping, as you may have seen on my previous post.  How lucky are we to have so many food establishments and cake shops to choose from in our neighborhood! And this latest addition is what I have been waiting for to open since the past month.  Their signage says:  Deep Dark Chocolate Cakes. Admittedly, I am a confessed chocoholic. My mom is a chocoholic, hubby is a chocoholic, and I do believe my son is too!  And what a delight it was for me when Chocolat very recently opened their doors in San Juan to cakes and choco-lovers like me. Now I can get my cocoa quick-fixes within minutes!

As a follow-up to my most recent entry, I am sharing another pleasurable cake experience to all of you.  And once again, this happened on a school day on our way to fetch my boy, as we always pass by their shop every afternoon.  This time, I left the house around 45 minutes earlier than usual, my girl and nanny in tow, as always.  I was hell-bent on having at least a of slice of their popular 'dark chocolate cake', because honestly, this is my first time to try their much-talked about creations.

Pressed for time, as soon as we entered the shop, I asked my girl to choose her cake so we can order pronto...got ourselves a table, and ordered me a slice of Death By Tablea (DBT), vanilla milkshake and Tiramisu for the little miss -- who was clammoring for 'white icing' while pointing her fingers on the display (if I had my way, I would've picked the Kahlua or Bailey's!).  I also planned to take home a mini-cake.

Excuse my shots above as I failed to bring my handy digicam, so I just snapped away with my trusty SE-K610i mobile phone cam...not too shabby shots don't you think?

Death By Tablea = Death by chocolate. Sinful. Super Dark. Very Rich. Simply Divine. This is the real deal!  I can even say, way much better than any chocolate cakes I've eaten in the past, from the thick frosting down to the cake bottom. Not even my mom's super moist version can beat this (sorry Ma!).  I am certain that the soul of this cake is the flavorful, fragrant, native tablea (powdered cacao formed in tablets, squares or balls). They also sell tablea by the roll/pack and you can make your own hot cup anytime.

The richness and addicting flavor reminded me of mornings past, when mom and my A-mah (paternal grandma) cook a pot of hot cocoa and spoons in some oatmeal to complete a full-bodied tsokolate drink made from tablea that came all the way from Samar.  A whiff of it's steam and aroma was just so comforting.  And from the heavenly scent of this cake alone, I will surely buy a whole cake on my next visit!

Their Tiramisu is also quite lovely, with triple layers of light creamy cheese (mascarpone, I hope) and espresso-rhum-soaked lady fingers, as stated in their site (but seems like chiffon to me).  My girl did enjoy her 'white icing' from this one.  Although I still prefer the authentic taste of this 'pick-me-up' from Piadina Italian resto in Galleria, and from the original Goodies 'n Sweets cafe in Greenhills.

Very dark, 6-inch Chocolate Hazelnut cake with nuggets on top - P320.00

After browsing through their flyer, and preening my neck to see the cakes on display (even if I could easily walk a few steps towards it), I have finally decided to bring home the Chocolate Hazelnut as it seems to be a safe choice that my hubby and son can appreciate.  Again, if it were only for me, I'd choose the spiked variety...but that can wait for next time.

Hubby loved this cake. My boy and I did too, with the same super moist, rich flavor and texture of DBT, but with the sweetness and nutty flavor of chocolate and hazelnut rolled into one. He even ate all the nuggets on top! Good thing I got to eat one of them! 

I even got a delectable surprise with a small choco-hazelnut chunk in the middle of my perfect slice. Now there is only one slice left and I saved it for hubby.

No doubt, Chocolat will have throngs of loyal foodies and choco-lovers alike dropping by their charming cafe along A. Mabini Street.  Parking is limited, and traffic is heavy during school dismissal hours, but these will not stop me from having my DBT calling.

Care to share your chocolate cake discoveries with me?


  1. P.S.
    For Q on her 2nd birthday :)

  2. I love CHOCOLAT too! My faves-- Chocolate Carrot Cake, Death by Table and Deep Dark Classic.. so chocolatey to the last bite =) Too bad they don't have a branch near us.. all their branches are somewhere North.. wish they'd have branch in Makati perhaps? They used to sell in SM Makati Weekend Market but then they suddenly stopped. Aww. :(

    Anyway, I am so into choco cakes as well.. you might wanna try the following! These are my top picks and hopefully won't disappoint you :)

    - Becky's Kitchen: Swiss Choco Cake, Choco Fudge Cake
    - Starbucks: Chocolate Marshmallow Cake
    - Red Ribbon: Choco-Mocha Crunch
    - Sugarhouse: Jamaican cake
    - Chocolate Kiss Cafe: Devil's Food Cake
    - HungryPac: Chocolate Ecstasy cake
    - Theobroma: 3 for P125 choco cake slices


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