Carla's and Caroline's Sweet Endings...and In-betweens

"I want cake, mommy, a pink cake!"; "I want that one, the purple one!"; "That's my birthday cake!"...and the shout-outs keep coming from the mouths of babes.

Even at different times of the day, at different days of the week, the boy and girl of the house will demand for their sugar rush. They know they have a limit. And since mommy can't say 'no' to desserts and sweets either, I simply oblige and promise them a reward for good behavior -- a scheduled trip to the nearest bake shop, grocery, or patisserie to fill their cravings. That will surely make their day!

Everyday, as I bring my boy to (and from) school, we pass by this fairly new strip of establishments along M. Paterno St. in San Juan. There's a clothes store, a salon, a foot spa, and Patisserie Caroline. And so, as promised, after we fetched him from school, we dropped by this quaint cake shop and cafe with a delectable display of confections.

Super Moist Chocolate Cake, New York Cheesecake, Banana Toffee Pie...which one to get? I only had money to buy one box of cake, a mini-cake to be exact, for P350.00. And my boy reigned with his choice -- pointing to 'the purple one', Ube Cake (purple yam cake). We can't wait to get home and eat!

The 6-inch cake has double yam-flavored cake-mousse layers, with snowy-white cream icing, topped with pieces of rolled white chocolate shaving. It has the sweet smell of yam with a mild hint of pandan essence, i think. Moist and subtly sweet, the cake did not disappoint. Even a small slice was quite filling. Although personally, with all the 'purple cakes' out there, I still put Red Ribbon's original Ube Cake at the top of my cake list. Since it's introduction in the 80's, this is the only ube cake I really crave for.

On our way out, my girl was quick to grab one of these flower lollipop cookie (P30) and even asked her nanny to buy it for her! I guess she made sure she gets to bring home 'something pink', since big brother won this time with the purple cake.

With a tempting cake selection, and a list of beverage and savory short order meals available for dine-in customers, I will definitely try to drop by again at Caroline's and bring home one of her best-sellers to surpise the kiddos. I found her site and you can see for yourself the many yummy-looking baked goodies she has to offer.

We also pass by another bake shop everyday, on our way home from school. That's why I can't escape the finger-pointing every time my boy sees the giant cup cakes (far right, from photo below) on the window display of The Kitchen of Carla & Elaine, along P. Guevarra St., also in San Juan.

On a more recent ride from brother's school, my girl won this time with her 'pink cake' -- that's the Strawberry Shortcake with super moist and light sponge cake layers filled with strawberry cream frosting! Really luscious, with just the right sweetness that even my sugar-conscious in-laws indulged on a slice. I think I ate half of the whole cake (we also ordered the petite 6-inch size, P380)! It was quite addicting once you get started!

This shortcake is one of two versions, the other being their bestseller, Mango Shortcake, which we first bought for my girl's second birthday last January. It was our introduction to the many mouth-watering desserts at this shop. Everybody who got to try this pink one, however, unanimously voted for the mango version.

Digging into a slice of Mango Shortcake, specially topped with pink icing birthday greeting for my girl
You will also finds loads of goodies here which include breads and cookies. And since it's just in my neighborhood, I will surely be dropping by for more sweet treats for the family at The Kitchen of Carla & Elaine.

Patisserie Caroline
Shop: 17 M. Paterno St. Pasadena, San Juan City Tel No: (632) 7226839

Carla & Elaine

Shop: 198 Promenade Bldg., Wilson St., corner P. Guevara, San Juan City
Tel No.: (632) 4809457


  1. Lee,
    Yummmmmyyyyy....I'm craving for something sweet :)

    By the way...may balita ako sa iyo. It's early pa. 2 months pa lang, so in the danger zone pa. Pero, hopefully, may kasunod na si G :) Hahaha.

  2. YUMMM! That looks delicious! I am the only sweet-eater in the family (and I deny myself nothing!) Neither husband nor daughter are very fond of sweets. Q's birthday is this coming week, and I have a feeling I'll eat more cake than she does!

  3. i love going to patisserie caroline. so happy it's just a stone's throw away from my place so i can always go there when i crave for ultra-yummy sweets. :)


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