Sweet Indulgence

Today, I was originally planning to share something for babies, but it was side-swiped by a sweet temptation. I feel it deserves a post.

We all have our guilty pleasures and cheap thrills. I have a short list of my own and as a mom, before I could even indulge in one or two, there are quite a few things I still need to consider, like do I have the time? can I afford it at that moment? how much effort for me to have it?
Prioritize -- as my hubby J would always remind me.

But it's just chocolates! Don't think, just go for it!
That's my gut talking. My mind still has a hang-over at the sight of the price tag.
Maybe it's not by chance that we passed by the store.
So, once around over the display...
I want Royce' Chocolates, now!
I first chanced upon the name on Facebook, got curious, browsed a little, and even checked their website. Being a chocolate lover, I was already salivating just by the sight of their fine selection, and dreaming how these sinfully sweet, premium Japanese-made chocolate delights taste like. With rave reviews and accolades for these plain-looking brown tiles, I was sold on Royce' and promised that I have to get a taste for myself and find out what all the fuss is about. I recently read from a site that it opened last December at the Powerplant Mall, the official franchise, although some boxes were already being sold long before through a handful of specialty stores.

Royce' products are available around Asia, and some hooked kababayans (fellow Filipinos) usually get their fill of these brown nuggets from Singapore and Hong Kong. Now, it's finally here, although a bit more pricey.

Now I got to taste their Nutty Bar and Nama Chocolate - Milk and Bitter variants. Believe me, they are sooooo rich, decadent and smooth! I am a fan!

Since my kids were already getting restless from where we were standing, I was not able to linger over the counter and get my FREE sampling of each and every variant (damn, I would've, if only my face was as thick as a phonebook!), so i just asked for the best-sellers, tasted them, and quickly picked one box to go. Too quick that I bought the not-so-decadent choice.

What I brought home was the small box of ten, individually wrapped Nutty Bar Chocolate. As described on the waxy-smooth paper wrapping, the bar is made of a mix of crushed almonds, pecan, cashew, macadamia, puff crispies, praline covered in chocolate. It has a wonderful texture, light and crisp to the bite, and with just the right sweetness. It tasted like a finer and crispier version of Nestle Crunch and Kit-kat rolled in one.

I was satisfied, but short of feeling like a winner with this indulgent adventure with chocolates.

It was an impulsive choice. At the back of my mind, I should have followed my gustatory instincts and bought the Bitter Nama Chocolate tiles. That was one heavenly bite to remember.

This is a perfect gift idea, especially for chocoholics.

Looking back at their website (unless you can read in Japanese), I still have a long line of confections to discover. And I haven't even tasted a Godiva!

I will just dream about it for now. Gifts are most welcome :)

I shall return.


  1. Hmmm...I'll exchange Royce for Godiva! Hahaha. I can bring you some Godiva chocolates!!! Heavenly!!! Hmmm...this gives me an idea for posting. How about a sweet Sunday dessert post?? We can start a group for sweet Sundays...you, me, and maybe Tina? It could be anyting. A photo of a delish dessert that we bought, we made or we saw on the internet...yum! Anyway, let me know if you have more ideas so we can cross-post or post as a group. Like what they have every Friday for travel bloggers: Photo Friday (nut I didn't join). It helps people build a community feel to their blogs and promote their blogs through their friends and friends of friends and friends of friends of friends! You catch my drift...! Have a blessed weekend!

  2. A GO for Sweet Sundays posts, you lead! invite Tina. How do you do this?
    I already have a follow-up to Royce, will post a short review later...
    I also want to invite you to write anything about traveling with kids, maybe one post a month?

    Let's do this! ;)

  3. p.s. before I forget, I will wait for that Godivas!!! a Royce box will be ready here whenever you decide to visit, hehe...


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