My Baby Checklist

So it's Monday...I know I made Friday my official blog day, but hey, it's my lunch break and I got a lot going in my mind this very moment. At the top of my list: babies! A baby series might just be a great way to get things going for me here.

With a handful of pregnant friends (and a couple of new moms), it's time to dig up my tried and tested resources and throw in a few things I've learned and used when I was 'infanticipating'.

All swollen and heavy, here I am with my boy on New Year's Day 2007...
my baby girl came a week later.

There are just too many products out there that will overwhelm even the most organized and well-informed parents. From planning a baby to actual delivery, new parents will be deluged with you-need-this stuff, some of which will end up not being used at all.

Here is a consolidated list of items to guide soon-to-be-parents of the essentials and practical accessories to arm you for your date with the stork. This may not be as comprehensive as some may expect, but there is no bible on these things. Get what you need, stay within your means, use what you like best, use what your baby likes best, maybe even borrow a crib or carrier from a friend!

The brands on the list are mostly what we used, whether bought or received as gifts, and some are highly recommended by satisfied moms and dads. Having a baby is such a wonderful journey and I hope with this simple list, I have relieved expectant moms of some stress and baby blues that is part and parcel of the emotional circus of being pregnant.

Happy shopping!

My Mom-Friday Baby Checklist

Feeding & nursing
o Sterilizer – Chicco, Avent
o Bibs (Qty: 6-12) - Gerber, Enfant
o Burp cloths
o Gauze – Enfant
o Birds eye (cloth diaper) - Enfant

o Breast pads – Pigeon
o Breast shields and cream – Lansinoh
o Breast milk storage – Avent, Playtex
o Breast Pump – Avent Isis kit, Medela Swing / Pump In Style
o Containers or bags
o Disposal milk bags – Playtex DropIns system
o Nursing wrap / cover
o Nursing pillow

Bottle feeding – Avent, Playtex
o Bottles for formula (Qty: 6-8)
o 4oz / 9oz / 11oz
o Bottle drying rack
o Bottle nipples – stage 1 – 3
o Insulated tote – for traveling
o Bottle brush – Safety 1st

Solid feeding - The First Years (TFY), Safety 1st, Munchkin, Playtex
o Feeding sets and accessories
o Training cups
o Infant spoons (for home and travel)
o Baby food processor / masher
o High chair – Fisher Price (FP)
o Booster seat

Clothing and Layette
o Bodysuits / Onesies (Qty: 8-12) – Gerber, Carter’s, OshKosh
o Matching sets – shirt/short; pajamas – Enfant
o Frog suit or bunting
o Cap, mit, bootie sets (Qty: 4) – Enfant
o Socks
o Small Hangers

Baby Care and Grooming
o Grooming kit – Safety 1st
o Nail clipper
o Nail file / emery board
o Comb and brush
o Lotion
o Talc
o Massage oil
o First aid kit
o Pacifier
o Teether
o Humidifier / vaporizer
o Aspirator (manual)
o Petroleum jelly
o Pain relief products
o Ear thermometer
o Digital thermometer

Diapers and Formula
o Diapers – Huggies, ProKids, Drypers
o Cloth diapers
o Diaper pail, covered
o Diaper cream – Drapolene
o Baby wipes – Pigeon, ProKids
o Diaper bag
o Changing mat – TFY
o Formula milk* – S26 Gold
(Breastmilk is best for babies)

Bath and Potty
o Bathtub – TFY
o Hypoallergenic shampoo & body wash – Lactacyd blue, Dove baby, Aveeno, Chicco
o Hooded bath towels (Qty: 4-6)
o Bath robe
o Washcloths (Qty: 8-12)
o Bath toys and accessories
o Stand alone potty seat – Safety 1st

o Audio monitor – Chicco
o Video monitor – Swann
o Outlet covers, corner /edge guards - Safety 1st
o Safety gates – Safety 1st

o Crib bedding & pillows sets (Qty: 3) - Owen
o Cradle or bassinet
o Portable crib or playpen – Graco Pack ‘n Play
o Crib toys – Lamaze, PlayGro
o Receiving blankets
o Changing pads, waterproof
o Waterproof sheet lining
o Fitted crib sheets
o Blankets (Qty: 4-6)
o Crib mobile

Baby Gear
o Stroller – Graco, MacLaren
o Car seat – Graco
o Lightweight stroller – MacLaren

Nursery and furniture
o Dresser / chest
o Linens drawer
o Blanket chest
o Changing table and pads
o Armchair / rocker
o Hamper
o Covered waste bin
o Lamp
o Rug / rubber mats
o Storage solutions
o Shelves and organizers

Infant toys – for age 0-12mos.
o Rattles
o Teethers
o Soft toys - Lamaze, PlayGro
o Shape sorters
o Other musical toys

Baby Activity
o Gym and playsets – Lamaze, FP
o Bouncer – FP
o Other sensory-stimulating toys
o Classical music – Baby Genius CDs
o DVD – Baby Einstein, Sign2Me (Sign with your baby)

For Parents
o Books – Your Pregnancy Week by Week, What to Expect…, Your Baby’s First Year Week by Week
o Baby book / baby journal
o Picture frames and photo albums
For moms
o Stretch mark creams – BodyShop Cocobutter Stick, Palmer’s Firming lotion

And don't forget the DIGITAL CAMERA! Click away moms and dads! :)
Look at my babies' "double takes" here .

(Note: All brands and products featured are not paid advertisements. They are personal Mom-Picks of Mom-Friday)


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