A Fitting First Post

For weeks now, I have been contemplating on starting this blog. What title? What topic? What theme? Questions unending. The only thing I was sure about is that the blog should be for moms, for kids, for family. Then it was literally a light bulb moment for me - tomorrow is Mother's Day and I know it is just fitting that I launch my blog on this special day.

And so my search for this tear sheet of a milk ad. It's my one and only mom's day ad and I wanted it to be image #1.

It must be kismet!
Check out the date of the publication (upper right corner of the image) - exactly a decade ago, this print ad was published in the leading local broadsheet in time for Mother's Day. This is my sign. And so I blog today! Big shout-out to my friend, Jen, for her encouragement.

I am particularly proud of this material since it was the first poem I've written that was approved for use in a print ad, and for a major account at that. I still remember my creative director teasing me about being so mushy with the copy, but was quite pleased nevertheless, and approved this without revisions. My client was also quick to give a go on this material and so this ad came to be.

It needs to be an emotional ad. That was the objective. I was not yet a mom, nor was I married then, when I wrote this. I definitely can't recall what my mood was and what inspired me while composing it. I just know that I wanted it to be sentimental and touching - yes, mushy. That is how I want the readers (targeted at moms and expectant moms) to feel when they get to read the ad. I want the moms to feel appreciated, important, loved.

Being a mother is the most underrated of all 'jobs' - I know this now since I am mommy to two precocious tykes.

This post is my personal tribute to all the superwomen -- mothers of the world -- the Mom-Fridays! To my mama, and to all my mom friends, I salute you!

Happy Mother's Day!

Just so you know, I was working as an account manager/copywriter for a local advertising and PR agency when this ad was produced. And for all succeeding posts, my goal is not to be too poetic, to keep it short and simple, yet still insightful and entertaining enough for you to keep on reading, and hopefully have my own following :)

Follow-up post:
Click here to read a clear copy of the poem.

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