How to Breathe Better in Any Weather

I've been having on and off runny nose and uncontrollable sneezing for over a week now and I can blame it on the weather. Even my son's allergic rhinitis got worse lately. Do you notice that sneezing becomes more persistent during the rainy season and windy parts of the year? It's usually between June to October here in the Philippines. While there may be a difference in how the two can trigger allergies in our body, dry yet harsh winds and damp weather can both activate the sneezies and affect our breathing.

I can personally manage the occasional sipon at ubo, but with allergic rhinitis (hay fever), it's a type of nasal passage inflammation triggered by an excessive amount of irritants in the air which I have no complete control over. There's smoke, dust, pollen -- all irritants that can cause runny or stuffy nose, watery or itchy eyes, and eventually, a sore or scratchy throat. Dry winds and rains can make matters worse. We've all been there.

As a parent, what I don't want to happen is for my kids to experience these symptoms the entire duration of the season. Hassle if we go through this diba, especially when they need to be healthy to avoid absences in school, and always breathe easy to get a good night's sleep.

Here are my tried and tested ways to help us breathe better in any weather:

  • During warmer days, limit time spent outside in the heat
    • Try to stay in cooler areas or air-conditioned rooms, if possible
    • Drink lots of fluids and replenish electrolytes
    • Remain indoors when pollen counts are high
  • Prepare allergy or respiratory medications
  • Regular house cleaning/vacuuming to minimize dust, allergens, and pollutants
  • In humid and rainy season, keep humidity below 70% to avoid molds and dust mites
    • Ventilate rooms and closed spaces
    • A dehumidifier can come in handy
  • Use a safe and effective nasal spray like Humer

Back story:
Several years ago, my daughter often experienced nosebleeds and we got really worried. We went to an EETN doctor and he told us that the main cause is dry nasal membrane and possibly trauma (nose picking). Doc prescribed Humer Nasal Spray. It was instant relief and truly effective for her. I started using it too whenever I feel nasal dryness. At first, nakakagulat yung spray, so be extra gentle when used on babies. There's a mild, salty taste. But we got used to it na. It tickles with every spray, so we always share a good laugh whenever we use it. You can say I became a Humerific mom since then. =) 

Here's why I recommend Humer for your family:
  • Humer is made from 100% sterile sea water
    • Consists of harvested seawater from Saint Malo Bay in Brittany, France well-known for the quality of its water
    • It's undiluted = able to retain the seawater’s marine elements and mineral salts that Saint Malo bay is famous for containing, such as: Copper, which helps protect against bacteria and viruses; Manganese, which helps fight against allergens; Sulfur, which aids in cell regeneration in the nasal passage
  • Can be used to clean the nose
  • Keeps allergic rhinitis at bay
  • All-natural, no preservatives
    • Safe for infants over 3 months and for pregnant women
  • Doctor-recommended
  • Helps us breathe better whatever the weather
As with any health-related concerns, if symptoms persist, consult your doctor.

Humer is a line of natural health solutions manufactured by Laboratories Urgo in France, consisting of products that include, but are not limited to, cleaning and treating the nose from nasal discomforts. 

  • Gently cleans the nose
  • Humidifies dry mucosities
  • Fluidifies nasal secretions which makes blowing easier for nasal decongestion, especially for flushing out allergens
"As it is hypertonic, HUMER Blocked Nose has a higher concentration in marine salt. Therefore, it naturally unblocks the nose through osmosis, making removal of thick mucus easier, and helping to evacuate infectious agents and allergens. Thus, Humer Blocked Nose contributes to protection from infection during colds or sinusitis."
  • Promotes overall nasal hygiene
  • Prevents nose-related illnesses and allergies
  • Supports treatment of ENT related disorders -- similar to what my girl experienced
  • Can be used daily to keep nose clean and fresh

Humer Nose Hygiene Spray has been a part of our health care basics. We use it when our nose feels dry and itchy, when it's clogged, or when we feel the sniffles coming. Recently, I received samples including this hypertonic variant which I immediately used to combat my runny nose. Now, thanks to HumerPH, I'll be adding the Blocked Nose Hypertonic Spray to our kit as well. To all the moms, I suggest you get a bottle or two. It's very convenient to use and super effective talaga as a first line of defense. Humer is mom- and kid-approved!

Humer products are available in Mercury Drug and Watsons outlets in Metro Manila. 
For more updates and info:
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