Hair Makeover with Seamless Balayage at Piandre

Two hours and forty-five minutes. Would you believe me when I say that's the longest I've sat through a salon treatment in my entire life? Well, it happened yesterday morning at Piandré Salon when I was treated to their Seamless Balayage hair color treatment -- and the wait was so worth it!

I've known about Piandré Salon ever since they opened their San Juan branch many moons ago, and have been going there on and off over the years. But when we moved to the neighborhood 10 years ago, I've been a regular for haircuts, and occasional waxing and pedicure. My daughter had her first salon haircut at Piandré as well. And just a few months back, while in a mall, I was able to convince my husband J to have his hair dyed at Piandré in Ayala Mall the 30th.

He's now a happy customer and had gone back for another round of coloring for his salt and pepper hair. I, on the other hand, have not had my hair colored by a professional in over 10 years! Hindi kasi talaga ako mahilig mag-pa-parlor (did I date myself with that term?). Besides, I feel na sayang yung pag-style and pag hair dye kung lagi naman nakatali yung hair ko diba? 

A few times before, I just buy hair dye at the store and DIY at home. I am also too lazy to continue styling and blow-drying my hair after the first week of having salon-fresh hair. Recently, I've noticed more white hair strands popping up like crazy and are becoming more visible than ever. I felt na gusto ko na rin sumabay magpa-color with J.

The invitation from Piandré Salon via Mommy Mundo came at the right time -- they offered me to try Seamless Balayage as a special Mother's Day treat. Sweet! To tell you the truth, I still hesitated to accept coz I was too lazy and already thinking of maintenance.  But to cut my story short, I went for it and scheduled my treatment at Ayala the 30th branch.  I was there from 9 am to 12 nn yesterday.

So what exactly is Seamless Balayage?
(pronounced balāˈyäZH)

Balayage, derived from the French word that means "to sweep", is origianlly a free-hand coloring technique from France in the 70s. It creates a sun-kissed feel that grows out the color with a natural look. Hair color placement will create a seamless and more lived-in effect. The shades are softly graduated from roots to tips with no hard streaky lines.

What happens during the Balayage treatment at Piandré?
  • Hair will be checked and assessed by a Balayage-trained colorist
  • Client and stylist-colorist will agree on the hair color/s -- Piandré only uses Lakmé Color brand from Barcelona
  • A tedious process of sectioning, teasing, brushing with dye mixture, and foiling
  • Process is 3 hours or longer and will differ per client -- it will take longer if hair is thicker, previously treated or colored
  • Rinse and blow-dry to finish
  • Rates start at P3,500 for short hair; P4,500 for medium length; P5,500 and up for longer hair
    • I think my hair is considered long (falls past the shoulders)

I had so many questions about the treatment as soon as I sat down. Good thing creative stylist DM Dimayuga was engaging and statisfied my curiousity about the Balayage technique. Even celebrities like J.Lo, the Kardashians, Sara Jessica Parker and Rihanna are fans of Balayage.

My dull untreated hair is thick, natually brown-black color, with some white hair. 
Estimated time for my hair treatment was 3 to 4 hours.

I only requested that the color will be close to natural and hide some white hair.
Balayage is not intended to cover white hair.  I trusted him with the color and he explained that while the whites will not be fully covered, they will be camouflaged and less visible when they mix with the new lightened hair strands and highlights.

After exactly 2 hours and 45 minutes from start to finish... tadaaaaa!
How do I look?

Before                                                            After

Refreshed hair with soft warm tones that also camouflaged my white hair. And I was done within 3 hours! 

In the beginning, I was scared kasi I really don't know how the color will look on me. But I am very happy and satisfied with how my it turned out. If you are planning to have your hair colored, I highly recommended you try Seamless Balayage at Piandré Salon.

I was able to enjoy a foot spa and pedi too while my hair was being colored. What a morning of pampering and relaxation for this mama. After my hair makeover, I went straight to the Mommy Mundo event for the launch of ExpoMom 2018 where my new 'do made it's debut, hahaha!

Many thanks, Piandré Salon! You changed my mind about hair coloring... and inspired to let my hair down more often. =) This was an awesome Mother's Day gift! I super love it!

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