Commit To Be Fit on Alaska Milk Day 2016

Tomorrow, June 11, the country celebrates World Milk Day and Alaska Milk Corporation will once again host one of the biggest family run with Alaska Milk Day, which was launched four years ago. While I won't be able to participate in this huge health and lifestyle celebration, I am honored to be a part of this worthy endeavor to promote family health and fitness, and sharing the highlights of what participants can expect at this nationwide fun run.

This year's Alaska Milk Day Family Run happening at McKinley West in BGC, promises to be even bigger than the last, with more participants from all over Metro Manila, Davao, Cebu and the newest venue, Naga.

Alaska Milk Day activities will include:
  • Individual (3km and 5km) races
  • 3 km family run race categories
  • 1km Disney’s Frozen and Marvel themed fun run event for children ages 4-7 years old 
  • Individual (3km and 5km) race category in the provincial areas
  • Alaska Milk Hour = a nationwide Milk Toast at 6:00 a.m. will culminate the celebration
    • All participants will simultaneously drink milk and make a pledge to a healthy and active lifestyle
The themed runs will motivate kids to live a healthy and active lifestyle while still having fun. And to make the gathering more exciting, a Zumba event will also be conducted in all areas to encourage individuals and families to start a morning health and fitness regimen.

Race Kit for Alaska Milk Day

These concerted efforts are Alaska’s way of helping the government address the increasing number of obese children and adults in the country through the combination of exercise and proper nutrition.
The 8th National Nutrition Survey conducted by the Food and Nutrition Research Institute reveals that 2 out of 10 children among 0-5 years old were underweight, and 5 out of 100 children among 0-5 years old were overweight.  Also, 3 in every 10 adults are overweight and obese.  Prevalence of overweight and obesity among the 0-5 year-old is increasing at an average of 0.17%-points per year for the past 24 years. With this alarming rate, Alaska Milk is committed to support the yearly celebration of World Milk Day through Alaska Milk Day with the goal to help reverse this prevailing nutritional problem.

While families join the fun run, they are also contributing for a worthy cause as Alaska Milk Day Family Run chose a beneficiary, the Children’s Hour, wherein Alaska Milk Corporation will donate the same quantity of milk bags as the participants to their chosen recipient. Nag-enjoy ka na, nakatulong ka pa! =)

Join us in spreading the milk-drinking habit and active lifestyle. Take part in Alaska’s “Nutrition. Action. Champion.” program for a chance to become a real life health advocate!

Let's raise our milk glasses on June 11 and join the nationwide toast to a healthier future for our families. =)

Good luck to everyone joining the Alaska Milk Day Family Run tomorrow!

All images are from Alaska and www.facebook.com/WorldMilkDayPH

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