From a Tele-babad Teen to Social Media-holic SAHM

Second Friday of the month: Personal / Family

7038**. 7752**. 72752**. 72476**. 0998-985****. Yes, six digits lang noon. I still remember all our old home phone numbers kasi ako ang suki niyan as soon as I get home from school and done with homework or reviews. From our black dial-up telephone unit, I remember chatting with my classmates about anything and everything. Eventually, PLTD added a 7th digit to our telephone number and updated the phone units. Aside from television, our telephone is my best friend at home. Wala pang internet noon and next to sending mail, calling from the phone is the best way of communication.

Growing up, these numbers have connected me to friends, family, clients, colleagues, both here and abroad. I can't imagine growing up without PLDT! Allow me to flashback...

Here's a similar unit of the one we had before, a black, heavy dial-up telephone from the 70s to early 80s that makes a "ting" sound with every turn of the number. We even had a partyline before...like a shared line with another household since telephone lines are still limited in many areas. Would you believe me when I tell you na ang ka-partyline namin noon was superstar couple Nora Aunor and Christopher de Leon? Believe it! It's the truth! =)  Medyo challenging din mag-long distance calls noon. But I remember it's always a family "event" when we are able to contact our relatives abroad and actually talk to them over the phone knowing they're miles away and in different time zones!

Then during high school, there were phones mounted on the wall na, sometimes side by side with an intercom, hehehe... Almost everyday after school, I'm on the phone with a classmate. Tele-babad -- when a person hogs the phone for a long time. Tipong one hour or longer nasa phone kahit walang katuturan ang pinag-uusapan or puro chismis lang, hahahaha! That's me. I know I'm not alone in that department. Aminin! =)

After graduating from college, I worked for an advertising and PR agency where the use of telephones and fax machines were vital to our day to day operations. Can you imagine how we did it when meeting with clients, setting up presentations, and getting approvals for projects without mobile phones and emails? Telecom technology continues to change lives in a major way.

It was only in 1996 that I was able to own my first ever cellular (Nokia analog) phone with hard-earned money through a Smart 100 Plan! It was life-changing, I tell you. My parents and friends can easily reach me, even during commute, and there was faster turn-around with work-related endeavors. Sayang nga I don't have a photo of my first (heavy) handset. Now, phones are getting thinner and lighter, and subscription plans have more value-added services.

My kids were born in the digital age and the telco landscape has dramatically changed in ways I could not have imagined. As digital natives, everything comes fast and convenient for them especially with the latest gadgets and apps that entertain and help them learn, in school and at home.

Fast forward to the present...
This former tele-babad is now a stay-at-home-mom and active in the world of social media. I simply cannot imagine raising my children without wifi! Heehee! I love to blog, chat online, take pictures and share them with family and friends, even talk business when I'm on the road. Social media is part of my lifestyle now and I'm fortunate to have Smart by my side!

The the advent of social media allowed us to consume and share whatever we can find online, and have instant connection with more people across globe wherever we go. It's truly amazing!

I grew up with PLDT and got my introduction to the mobile world with Smart. Now there's 3g, 4G, LTE, broadband, Fibr... to tell you the truth, I can't keep up with technology. Tita na talaga ako, hahaha!

Our homegrown telco leader, the PLDT Group, continues to improve our lives with innovative services that allow us to connect with each other faster, do business globally, and share memories in a snap. I am eagerly looking forward to what's coming next from Smart and PLDT -- Smart Homes, 5G, Internet of Things, virtual reality? Possibilities are endless! There's no denying, the PLDT Group truly changed my life for the better, and will continue to change everyone's lives. Let's stay connected!


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