Sharing is Caring, Teaching is Loving

Christmas season always makes me sentimental, especially when it comes to family. We had very happy Christmases and I do cherish the times I've spent with my parents and the learning moments I had with them. As a parent myself, my wish is for my kids to have good memories with me as well. I hope to pass on what I've learned from my parents while at the same time help my parents keep up with the times.

While I flashback to the good ol' days, I really can't say that these periods in my life are milestones or of great significance. What I do know is that these moments in my childhood made an indelible mark in my psyche and helped shape the person I am today. Let me reminisce...

Growing up as the eldest of two, I particularly remember my mom bringing me to nursery school every morning before she goes to work, then helping me with projects I bring home from school. I am so privileged to be able to do the same with my kids ever since I stopped working before my boy entered preschool.

I watched my mom give me and my brother a haircut -- an apple cut to be precise, when we were little. Uso nung 70s ang bunot diba? =)  I also did the same with my boy until he was four, and I continue to trim my girl's hair as needed. She'll be 9 in January and only had three salon haircuts, ever. Her first salon visit was after she turned 6.

My mother is a great cook. My maternal grandfather was a strong influence in our appreciation for preparing good home-cooked meals. I was my mom's kitchen helper from time to time, learning cooking tips and tricks and some trade secrets.

After getting married, I actually felt more pressure from her to cook well for my young family than from my husband! Nakakahiya daw kung hindi ako kaya ipagluto ang asawa ko. How stereotypical is that statement, no? =) Oh well... I did pick up a few knife skills and learned some go-to recipes. I'm just a lazy cook, heehee. Now it's my turn to teach a few tricks to my youngsters and hopefully, they'll learn to prepare their own food soon.  No pressure.

Aside from learning my way around the kitchen, helping with household chores was a must for me and my younger brother even when we had a helper.  From cleaning, to washing and ironing clothes. Kulang na lang plumbing eh! =) I try to do the same with the boy and the girl. 

Everyone at home needs to pull their own weight.  We started by teaching them to sweep the floor and wash their own dishes.

Lead by example. Sharing is caring. Teaching is loving. 

We need to lead and be a good example to our children, teach them what we know, and allow them to learn from us while honoring the grandparents as well. While I picked up valuable life skills from my parents, it's my turn to share my knowledge and interests to my own children.

Hand in hand, ice-skating with my girl -- her first time on the ice.

I believe I have an adventurous spirit, and I want them to have that wonder and thirst for adventure too -- to not be afraid to try new things, to stay curious, learn to enjoy and live the moment. I want to help nurture their talents and encourage them to explore the world.

She tries her hand at photography, sharing my love for taking photos.

As digital natives, they also teach me a thing or two -- especially with gadgets and apps. I can't keep up, to be honest.  I am also learning a lot from them, just as my parents learn from me too. 

Teaching me how the iPad works

He knows his way around the laptop -- showing some features to his sister

I'm a late bloomer when it comes to technology. I didn't really embrace it until I started blogging in 2009.  Even a few years after the iPad came out, I refused to own one.  I was happy with my laptop and cellphone, not even a smart phone then. The demand from social media caught on and I eventually transitioned to a more gadget-savvy blogging mama. 

My parents can't escape the call of Facebook and Viber too, so I helped them set-up their email account and opened a Facebook page for them.  It actually helps them keep in touch with relatives and friends from around the world.

Seasons change. We all need to keep up with the times, especially with parenting. While we teach our kids, it's also our turn to teach our folks the ways of the world in this digital era. It's both fun and challenging, but that's life, and because teaching is loving. =)

This heart-tugging video perfectly demonstrates what I am talking about. You have to watch this! 
Click Play now. Pass the tissue, please! =)

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