Foodie Friday: Eggless and Alcohol-Free Tiramisu

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The other day, I stopped by Santi's Deli to buy a few stuff and spotted a tub of mascarpone cheese. I instantly craved for tiramisu! I already made it once before and I want to make it again. Without second thoughts (ang mahal na pala nung cheese!), I grabbed a small tub and paid for my items. The ingredients for the cake started running through my head. I had no time to buy all ingredients so whatever is in my kitchen will have to do.

I can't believe it took me almost 5 years to make tiramisu again! Mascarpone cheese is not commonly available kasi in groceries so I never really thought about making it. Tiramisu is one of my favorite cakes and I had a successful first attempt -- here is the recipe of my tiramisu.

I did mention that I'll use whatever I have in the kitchen, right? =)
Well, here's what I didn't have -- espresso, cocoa powder, marsala wine and rum. Also, I was too lazy to make the zabaglione (eggs, sugar, marsala wine mixture) which will definitely make the taste richer. But I know the cake will still taste fantastic without it.


1 tub / 250 g mascarpone cheese
1/2 cup / 125 g all purpose cream, chilled
1/4 cup + 2 tablespoons white sugar
1 cup cooled coffee (I didn't have espresso so I used 3-in-1 strong coffee)
12 pcs. lady fingers (broas) -- fits my 8" x 3.5" pan
1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract
Grated chocolate (and cocoa powder if you have) for topping
*Rum (optional)

To prepare filling:
In a bowl, mix together the cream, sugar, mascarpone cheese, and vanilla.
Beat until smooth. (I just used a wire whisk to beat.)  Set aside.

To assemble:
Pour cooled coffee in a shallow dish. (Add a splash of rum if you like.)
Dip each ladyfinger one at a time, top side only, for no more than 5 seconds (soaking too long will cause them to fall apart) and immediately place at the bottom of a pan (or any container you want).
Arrange soaked ladyfingers, breaking them if necessary, in order to fit the bottom.
  *Tip - before soaking, try to arrange the pieces first to see how they will fit in the pan.
Pour half of the filling over the bottom layer, spread evenly.
Repeat process of dipping and arranging ladyfingers for second layer, be careful not to press down.
Pour the rest of the filling over the second layer and spread evenly.

Cover the pan (you can use cling wrap) and refrigerate for at least 2 hours.

Before serving, dust with cocoa powder and grated chocolate. (I only had grated dark chocolate for this one.) 

30 minutes only from prep to ref. Then let it chill. 
This recipe serves 3 to 4. Double the quantity if you have a bigger serving tray.

Maybe you can call this a Tiramisu hack -- eggless, alcohol-free, and can be caffeine-free too if you use decaf, so kids can definitely have this! Super easy to prepare with just 5 main ingredients!

If I had rum, I would have added a splash in the coffee soak, heehee!

Too impatient to wait 2 hours?
This was how my tiramisu looked after just 30 minutes in the freezer. Super atat na kasi ako to eat it. It turned out a bit runny, but tastes divine nonetheless! My girl couldn't wait either and shared from my slice! =)

Chilling it overnight, you'll get this firm and luscious pick-me-up cake with a marriage of flavors from the coffee-soaked broas, chocolate, and creaminess of the cheese. It's addicting!

Go make some now... super easy lang! It can also be the star of you dessert table at parties for the coming holidays! Great as gift too if you set it in a nice container.

Slice and devour immediately. Hope you enjoy this eggless and alcohol-free version.

Note: Lady fingers contain eggs. This recipe is "eggless" because eggs are not part of my ingredients here.

You can get the full recipe of my tiramisu here: Mom-Friday's Tiramisu.

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