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Last Friday of the month:  Beauty Services

Have you ever tried waxing? How about threading? IPL perhaps? These are all safe and effective options for hair-removal from different parts of our body. I've tried them all over the years from different salons and from the derma clinic. Recently, I was invited to a Brow Wow Birthday Bash at Browhaus and Strip for a special waxing treatment with friends.

Over a month ago, my blogger friends Marj and Rowena asked me and several friends to save this date for their joint Brow Wow birthday treat courtesy of Browhaus and Strip. This means we have to let our unwanted hair grow out so their can be perfectly groomed by the time we attend the bash, heeheehee!

This will be my first time to try the services at Browhaus and Strip since this new branch in Mega Fashion Hall is now geographically convenient for me. I've heard many of my friends rave about Browhaus and Strip, but I never got to visit since their first few branches are far from place. Anyhow, I'm just glad their opened in Megamall!

The highlight of our treatment that afternoon was to experience the latest wax variants -- Cucumber and Lemon.

Strip off with STRIP’s limited edition Whitening Lemon Wax and Moisturizing Cucumber Wax.
Based on STRIP’s current well-loved wax formula, these new waxes are packed with
the healing powers of aloe vera and chamomile so sensitive skin is not aggravated,
and offer the added beauty benefits of brightening and hydrating skin as well.

To be hair-free on some body parts, I'm used to having my lower leg and underarm waxed and have also tried on my upper lip one time. After I had IPL hair removal treatment for my underarm, I stopped waxing that area. I still continue to go to the salon for occasional lower leg waxing. For my brows, I just tweeze the stray hair. So, for my first STRIP visit, I was recommended to try Watermelon wax for lower leg and Cucumber Wax for upper lip hair removal. My brows are still fine so I didn't try Browhaus at that time. If I was game for a bikini wax, they'd use the Lemon Wax daw on me. Well, I'm not yet ready for that... =)

Moisturizing Cucumber Wax
This soothing concoction of cucumber-scented wax is perfect for those with drier skin. Calming ingredients such as cucumber and aloe extract also ensure that tender and sensitive skin feels more supple and moisturized after each treatment.

Whitening Lemon Wax

Infused with the uplifting scent of lemon and bergamot, STRIP’s Whitening Lemon Wax contains lemon extract to lighten and brighten your skin with regular use.

What I like about STRIP and Cucumber Wax treatment:
  • Salon is clean, cozy, pretty, well-equipped
  • Has individual private rooms with bed and fresh towels
  • Well-trained and knowledgeable aestheticians -- all wearing latex gloves
  • Treatment is quick and clean - done in 30 minutes or less.
  • Use of premium quality wax and other skin care products for pre- and post-treatment application
  • Cucumber Wax feels smooth and fine on the skin
    • Very mild scent
    • No sticky or oily after feel
  • Reasonable rates

Yep, no pictures allowed in the treatment room. Of course, we were exempted for this occasion. =)

First treatment was for my lower leg, using watermelon wax. It was smooth, clean and quick with an easy glide on the skin.  That tin can on the right is the Lemon Wax, and the mint-colored one below is the Cucumber Wax. The cans look cute, and it's directly plugged to the power outlet for heating the wax.

Watch as I took a short video while the Cucumber Wax is being applied and then removed from my upper lip. I was hesitant to do this since I had a not-so-good first experience on this part of my face many years ago... medyo sensitive kasi sa upper lip! But Monique and Tab of Browhaus and STRIP assured me that they'll take care of my treatment and I'll feel fine afterwards.

A soothing and moisturizing lotion such as this Ice Cream was applied after treatment. Check out those nasty stips from my upper lip, heehee...  

As I've posted here on my Instagram afterwards, I did get some cool "cucumbare" waxing service and a surprisingly pleasant experience! I'm very satisfied with the place, service and products used, so I will definitely go back to STRIP for future treatments.

This was taken 3 days after I had Cucumber Wax hair removal for my upper lip. Bigote-free, hair-free, hahahaha! =)

Curious me found this board inside the cabinet in the treatment room. For bikini waxing virgins like me, this is very useful information if and when I decide to trim or strip down there.

New customers at STRIP can get 25% savings on Brazilian wax using
the Whitening Lemon Wax or Moisturizing Cucumber Wax!

Thanks again to our hosts, Browhaus and Strip, and celebrants Rowena and Marj, for making me a part of your Brow Wow Birthday Bash! I'll Strip again, soon! =)
For more info, visit www.strip-manila.com

(From left:  Monique, Rowena, Jackie, Marj, me, Tab, and Marj's friend)

Strip: Ministry Of Waxing
The first international concept waxing boutique since 2002, with outlets in London, New York, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Bangkok, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Manila.
Branches: SM Mega Fashion Hall, Greenbelt 5, Serendra

Browhaus - Brow Architecture
The Browhaus Blueprint System is a precise system designed to create the perfect brow employing grid technology (Grids are Good). With outlets in Singapore, New York, London, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai, Jakarta, Manila.
Branches: SM Mega Fashion Hall, Greenbelt 5, Serendra, Lucky Chinatown, Abreeza.

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