Fun Friday: DreamPlay at City of Dreams Manila

Ahhh...DreamPlay! Three weeks ago, we brought the kids and their cousins to the newest interactive entertainment and play center in town. DreamPlay, located at the Retail Avenue of City of Dreams Manila, allows the kids to play, create, and learn in a fantasy world with the larger-than-life DreamWorks characters like Shrek, Toothless, the Madacascar animals, and Kung Fu Panda.

"DreamPlay represents an exciting blend of integrated live and digital play spaces, featuring DreamWorks Animation’s popular characters and creative storytelling combined with innovative educational play, appealing to children and adults alike." - DreamPlay Manila

It was our first time to visit City of Dreams Manila and everyone was excited because it's new, it's dazzling, and it's far -- field trip na 'to! =)  The DreamPlay center is in another building opposite the main City of Dreams, so when you reach the corner of Asean Avenue, you'll find this modern structure with a huge signage, you won't miss it! It was just a challenge to navigate through the parking area going inside the building coz there was no directional signs inside the parking area.

We arrived around 11am and immediately lined up to register and pay for our tickets. There was already a line forming by that time. Registration also took a bit longer than expected. While we were in line, a coordinator asked for personal information and entered in the tablet, both for kids and adults, to speed up ticketing. But when we got to the cashier, we were asked for the info again. I guess the one logged in the tablet did not register in the main system.

I suggest you buy the tickets early, leave them by the cashier, have lunch elsewhere, and go back afterwards. Unfortunately, there were no fast food or casual dining places that the kids liked, and all the restos there are in the mid- to high-end price range. We ended up at Erwin's Gastrobar which is family-friendly and offers familiar fares.

You can choose to eat inside DreamPlay but it will take away the playtime. Remember, the fees are by blocks of time, so extended stays will be charged upon exit.

We paid for 2 hours + 1 hour extension paid upon exit. It was just enough to try all attractions, but kids wanted to stay even longer to go back to their favorites. Next time, we can go for 4 hours. Smaller kids may not be able to fully enjoy some attractions.

What to expect at DreamPlay:
  1. Admission
    • Adult must be accompanied by a child to be able to enter
    • Children below 10 y.o. must be accompanied by an adult
    • Entrance fee is based on preferred day/time, and age (see chart above)
      • Children = 100 cm tall and up to 17 y.o.
      • Adults = 18 y.o. and above
      • Children below 100 cm are free to enter
    • Tickets can be purchased in advance - onsite, or via SM online and ticket outlets
    • School and group field trips are welcome - group discounts available, call sales office
    • No pets allowed
    • Time will start upon scanning the RFID wristband at the turnstile
  2. Dining
    • Meals available in the restaurant area
    • Outside food and drinks not allowed (I brought lunchbox with our water tumblers) 
  3. Dress Code
    • Comfortable clothes for active play
    • Closed shoes and socks, long shorts or pants, bring light jacket/sweater, extra change of clothes
    • Clothes printed with vulgar or offensive language or prints may not be allowed entry
  4. Attractions
    • 12 attractions to choose from, with friendly guides to assist guests
    • Minimum height requirement is 100 cm, except for Wall of Destiny (120cm) and Thread of Enlightenment (140cm)
    • Some attractions have a schedule with limited participants per time slot, like Gingy's Kitchen and DreamStudio
    • Adults who wish to participate can pay the Kids' fee

Now, for the "tour". Picture overload from here on. Enjoy!

(min. height requirement: 140cm)
Lots of climbing and balancing act over suspension bridges, swings and ropes. Fun and challenging, for big kids.
I would have wanted to try this! =)

(min. height requirement: 120cm)
Climbing wall with different levels of difficulty. Once you reach a certain point on the wall, you can scan your wristband to earn points. 
My 7-year-old niece was not able to climb since she's below 120cm.

KUNG FU FIGHTING (Fast as Lightning)
Training time! Follow the fighting moves of the Kung Fu Masters on the interactive video wall.
The kids skipped this area and looked for more "action" elsewhere.

This is one of their favorites. Climb up and down, slide through the belly of the dragons, out the large heads, and cross over bridges to get to another tower.  It's like a maze and obstacle course in one.

Shoot balls, climb and run around the playgym.  Small kids will enjoy it here since it's one of the safer areas to play in. No shoes allowed.

If you want a more challenging task, try to build a boat and see if it will float through the "river". There is a workstation on the left side where you can choose your tools and materials to design and assemble your boat.
The big kids tried it out, but their boats did not survive, heehee!

Beside the "river", you'll find the dining area where Gingy's Kitchen is also located. There are tables and chairs for guests. We ordered some nachos and cold drinks that didn't come cheap.

There is a time slot per batch of 12 kids. Line up at least 20 minutes before your chosen time coz slots are limited and get filled up fast. Kids will have a station in the kitchen, with their own toque, tools and gingerbread dough to knead, roll, and cut.
I stood in line while the kids were playing. Adults can enter to observe and supervise smaller kids. There are pre-baked gingerbread cookies already so the kids can decorate them and take home. Gingy tasted really good! =)

It's a giant library where kids and adults can spend some quiet time and relax. Read a book and lounge around on a bean bag or carpet. Spot Puss 'n Boots inside.
No shoes allowed inside.

Shrek's cottage is like a maze, allowing kids (and adults too) to go through secret doors and tunnels, climb up and down the stairs, cross a hanging bridge. 
Kids shared a seat on Shrek's huge arm chair. There are also several scanners hidden around the house, so find them to earn points. 

The Spheeros Game controlled with a tablet allows kids to navigate and control the balls through an obstacle course and shoot their assigned ball in the target drop. 
The kids got a bit frustrated in this very challenging game, but persistence paid off.
Too bad they were not able to try the mechanical DinoTrux at that time, where you can pilot your own Reptools.

It's a 4D cinema showing short films for kids. 
We were not able watch since the kids would rather go back to the dragons' area and to Shrek's Swamp.

Experience making your own animated film at the studio with the help of DreamWorks characters. There are many computer stations inside the studio to accommodate several kids at the same time. Picture-taking is not allowed in this area. (Photo grabbed from the website)

DreamPlay is world-class in terms of features, design, and concept. There's also a DREAMSHOP where you can purchase DreamWorks merchandise and souvenir items. This is where you check out and pay for extension fees. 

We're already planning our next visit. I recommend this for the whole family, especially for kids 7 and up. They will really be engaged in each attraction. You might even catch one of the DreamWorks characters walking around the park! =)

DreamPlay daily operating hours: 10am – 10pm. 

City of Dreams Manila
Asean Avenue corner Roxas Boulevard
Entertainment City, ParaƱaque, Philippines
Tel: (632) 8008080  /  Ticket Sales: (632) 8080909

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