Family Friday: Cherished Holiday Gatherings

Second Friday of the month:  Friendship / Family

I love the holiday season.  I think all of us do, even if it's also quite stressful. Christmas is our favorite time of the year because of the festive mood, and bonus of having a cooler weather. It's when family members near and far come together, old and new friends wine and dine, children are showered with loads of presents, and a time for more generosity and thanksgiving.

With my oldest and best-est friends -- together since 1988!

We've only been into the first week of the new year, which means I still have a holiday hangover, heeheehee...it's just so hard getting out of bed when the weather is still chilly, and erasing the Christmas mood while our tree is still up (yes, until Chinese New Year)! Maybe next week I'll be back to "normal". Maybe. =)

Blogging mamas... real friends online and offline

Anyhoo, since I'm just easing back into blogging, I just wanted to share this short post on memorable moments with friends and loved ones over the holidays.

With our friends and family, it's all about spontaneity and simple get-togethers. No frills. It's really what I treasure most during this time of the year -- enjoying the company of people near and dear to me, reconnecting with old friends, or having a rare chance to get together with those who live across the seas.
With my balik-bayan cousins

With J's friends and our growing families 

Who had the most fun during the break?  These four kids!

I think this last holiday break was the busiest and most fun for them, having spent more time together playing, going on outdoor adventures, having a sleep-over, and trying new things -- like doing a song and dance number during our new year's eve dinner! That's something to look forward to, hopefully every year na!

How about you, what are your cherished moments during the recent holidays? =)

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