Family Bonding at PLDT Home Bro Brunch

I try to grab every opportunity for fun bonding time with my kids, especially during family events I am invited to.  There were a few I've attended with either the boy or the girl, and just recently, it's at PLDT's #HomeBroBrunch with my girl.  She clearly enjoyed herself since she did not bug me to go home during the course of the event! =)

The Home Bro brunch was held last January 18 at Borough in Podium Mall, Ortigas Center.  I love the food at Borough, been there several times in the past.  The girl also enjoyed the dishes, like their chicken and waffle, potato chips and grilled cheese sandwich. We had an awesome time with the other blogger moms and their kids... great food, good company, engaging activities and games... we had a blast!  I even won in Borough's Foodstagram contest during the brunch! =)

One of the bonding activities prepared for us was Design-a-Frame.  I picked out the borders, she chose the decorations and stickers.  Pinks and purples, flowers and glitters. How do you like our finished frame? =)  She gave me the go-signal to share it on Instagram.  She knew how I operate, hahahaha...  

As for our #unlibonding moments at home, I usually indulge her with her requests to play hide and seek, eat our favorite snacks, watch a few YouTube videos or video games on the iPad, or even browse through pictures on Instagram!  Yes, my kids have their own IG account (managed by me, of course, heehee). Check out @artofjandm.  We do find boding moments, whether playing traditional games or online forms of entertainment.

During the event, while the kids were gathered and entertained at the arts and crafts corner, PLDT Home shared their newest internet service to us moms - the Home Bro.

"Home Bro is perfect for active young families who value enjoyment and are looking for all-you-can broadband internet access for social media and school work.
The Home Bro family values education as much as they do enjoyment." - PLDT Home

Did you know...
  • Only 20% of the population has computers at home
  • 5.9M homes still need to be connected
  • 80% of the population still has no access device in their homes 
With a shift in internet access from public (WiFi hotspots, internet cafes, etc.) to private (home), and changes in educational needs from textbook learning to online, Home Bro was created to address this trend.

Home Bro’s Family Bundles was launched in partnership with Hewlett Packard (HP) to provide affordable all-in-one solutions for our homes.  Choose from these fantastic Home Bro bundles:
   - Unlimited 2Mbps internet connection, with an HP Printer = P36/day or P1069/month
   - Unlimited 2Mbps internet connection, with an HP Laptop and Printer = P60/day or P1799/month

Having school aged kids, I certainly agree with the findings about the need for internet access at home.  With my son, part of their homework and research are now done online, surfing the web for facts and other info on various topics to complement what's being taught in school.  Internet access at home is now as important as having a PC in every home... not just for entertainment and recreation, but for educational needs and staying connected with family as well.

Thank you PLDT Home Bro for having us moms at this super fun #unlibonding brunch with our youngsters, and for tapping us to share the good news about Home Bro Family Bundles.  It was a day well spent.

"Powered by the nationwidest coverage of the PLDT Group, Home Bro has the widest coverage, and aims to increase internet penetration in provinces because through Home Bro, families learn that having internet makes it easier to succeed in life, specifically in school."

To learn more about PLDT Home Bro or to apply, simply visit www.pldthome.com/homebro 

PLDT Home Bro is hosting its Panalo Mall Tour this February 6-9 at SM North the Block! 
Tell all your friends about the spectacular mall event filled with fun family activities.
On Feb. 9, watch Luis Manzano host the Home Bro Panalo Gameshow from 3-5pm!
Get great deals, join fun activities, and get a chance to win big raffle prizes – including a 1-minute grocery shopping spree! That’s what I like about Home Bro, it gives families opportunities to bond, and enjoy together!
For those of you who won’t be able to catch the Home Bro Panalo Mall Tour this weekend, don’t worry, the mall tour will have six more stops nationwide at the following dates and venues:

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