Foodie Friday: Homemade Longganisa, Cheese Pimiento, and Chocolate Spoons

First Friday of the month:  Food Finds

The holiday season is over, but I still can't get over the taste and flavors of the assortment of food I consumed over the past weeks.  I'm thankful for all the goodies we were showered with last month.  There were the usual cakes and pastries, hams and sweets and local delicacies.  For this first foodie post of 2014, I am sharing a few standouts from the yummy treats we received, mainly because they're different and homemade, making them more memorable. =)

by Garlic & Lemon
For orders:  +63917-8397575 / (632) 216-6235

This skinless longganisa is a remake of our childhood favorite, made by my cousin.  It's sweet-style, and slow-cooked in water until well done and caramelized, about 25 minutes.  What's good about this is you can cook it frozen, no need to thaw.  The whole family loves this juicy longganisa.
PhP 400 / kilo

This longganisa is perfect with steamed or garlic rice, and brings back memories of my childhood days.  The recipe is originally from our fathers' hometown in Samar, and as kids, all of us cousins enjoyed homemade beef burgers, longganisa, salted dried fish, and many more comfort food lovingly made by our grand aunt and A-ma (paternal grandma).  Now, I can order this anytime I want.  You have to try this!  Great for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and even kids' baon.
Updated price list for 2014

by Berry Marfori
For orders:  +63917-5399087

It was during our annual reunion with former work colleagues that I got to try this flavorful cheese pimiento.  Looks unassuming in this simple jar, but after my first taste, I was hooked. It's better than other pimiento sandwiches I've eaten before.
PhP 170 per jar

Spread on bread, toast or plain crackers, this is truly the ultimate cheese pimiento.  You can see it has bits of cheese and pimiento (sweet red pepper), and what made this addicting is it's extra kick - a bit of spice in every bite. I love cheese, and I love some spice in my food - winning combo!    I eat this with crackers for breakfast and snacks.

by Michelle Aventajado
For orders:  mish@mommanmanila.com

I can't recall when I had my first chocolate spoon, but I know it was made with regular milk chocolate. I was looking forward to try these pretty-looking spoons since many of my fellow SoMoms got their gifts already, and I was drooling over their IG posts, hahahaha...! The kitchen genius behind these DIY holiday treats is Mish Aventajado.

Each SoMom got a personalized mug, and 3 flavors of coffee spoons to try. I found the chocolate caramel spoon to be perfect with my coffee, while the choco-peppermint and white chocolate cheesecake with my mug of hot chocolate. Simply use the spoon to mix the hot beverage and let the decadent flavors infuse your drink.
From Instagram posts of @mommanmanila

Here's to more blessings, more bounty, more homemade goodies this new year! =)

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