10 Energy-Saving Tips for Your Homes

Every summer and holiday seasons, we always expect our Meralco bills to go up.  I understand that our electrical consumption also increase during these times, thus the higher charges.  Apparently, there's more happening from the source that I am not aware of.  This December to January of the new year, an increase is inevitable, and the only thing we can do is find ways to save and be energy-efficient.

MOVE app button shows a graphic house you can click on, for Bright Ideas on energy efficiency 

Last week, I was fortunate to be part of a round table discussion with blogger moms and representatives from Meralco.  We were informed and enlightened about the annual power plant maintenance schedule, and how it affects us consumers.
Read part of this notice from Meralco:

This short video advisory explains (in simple Tagalog) the causes of increase in generation charges.

As a homemaker, one of my responsibilities is to check and schedule payments of all our bills. After watching this video, I still don't like that there will be an increase, but I now have a better understanding of the details, charts and numbers printed on our Meralco bill, which confused me before, heehee... =)

During the luncheon, we also learned about safety tips and energy-efficiency, which I'm now sharing here with you.  The whole family can contribute in different ways to save on electricity, and help cushion the increase in charges.  Overall, saving electricity also helps lessen our environmental impact and effect on global warming.


1. Switch off lights, appliances, and unplug when not in use
 - "Stand By" mode of TV, computers, stereos, game consoles, etc. still uses energy

2. Use energy-efficient lighting
  • the key is checking the illumination
  • clean lighting fixtures regularly to help increase light output, lessening the need to switch on more lights

3. Utilize natural light whenever possible
 - try to position work table or reading area near windows or natural light sources

4. Use screens for windows and glass panels
 - limit and prevent solar heat from coming in the house (hence, less use for cooling units)

5. Use power board
 - allows simultaneous power supply for multiple appliances, which can be switched off using 1 switch only

6. Proper Use and correct purchase of Air Conditioner
  • use/set timer to control and reduce operating time
  • set thermostat at comfortable temperature level (ours is usually set at 21C)
  • do not allow kids to play with remote control or switch on and off again, as it generates more energy to start up, use continuously over blocks of time
  • schedule regular cleaning to maximize cooling capacity, aircon "works harder" and generates more energy to cool when dirty
  • check yellow tag / energy guide on unit : 
    • higher energy efficiency ratio (ERR) = lower operating cost
  • cooling capacity should also be proportion to space, if not, air con will generate more energy to cool the room, making the unit work harder, thus, higher electrical consumption
  How to computer air-con model capacity = Floor area X 500
  (i.e. our room is 30 sqm. x 500 = 1.5 hp air con at minimum, we got 2 hp split-type inverter model, which saves us on electricity bill for the long term)

7. Proper use and correct purchase of Refrigerator
  • check yellow tag / energy guide on unit :
    • higher energy efficiency factor (ERF) = lower operating cost
  • avoid unnecessary opening of door
  • make sure door fits and closes properly (run a paper test - if paper slides through between magnet and rim, the fit and seal is not good anymore, cold air is coming out)
  • if you need to defrost, do it before it builds up to 1/4 inch of ice 
    • Note:  No-frost refs consume more electricity than manual-defrost models
(We also got inverter model 2-door ref, which saves us on electricity bill for the long term)

8. Proper use and correct purchase of Washer/Dryer
  • use front-load instead of top-load washing machine model; more energy (and water) efficient since it spins faster, ergo more water gets out and less time needed in the dryer
  • lessen use of dryer especially during sunny days 

9. Maximize time of usage for heat-generating appliances 
  • schedule ironing of clothes by the lot, and not as needed - just fold house clothes and knits
  • use continuously and avoid switching on and off in between
  (i.e. flat iron, electric water kettle, water heater, hair dryer, electric oven) which generates more energy every time you start-up

10. Avoid setting up cooling and heating appliances side by side
 (i.e. TV beside air-con makes the air-con work harder while it sucks hot air from the TV, similarly when sun hits directly at butt of a window-type air con or at external condenser)

In time for the holiday season, here are some ideas as well:

To provide better customer service, Meralco has launched the MeralcO Virtual Engine (MOVE) app - allowing us to access six Meralco services through our smart phones or tablets!

With MOVE, you can now check your bill, get bright ideas on energy efficiency for the home, view directory of Bayad Centers, or use the appliance calculator to estimate energy consumption of appliances.  Download now for free!

I'm happy that we've been on the right track for years now, thanks to J's know-how on power supply, since most of the tips on the list we've already been doing.  We spent more on our inverter units when we moved to our current home, but we already saved a significant amount in recent years compared with our bills from our previous smaller residence with conventional appliances.

Thank you Meralco for having us and sharing these very helpful tips and insights for us moms. The MOVE app is such a useful tool as well!
Mom bloggers and the Meralco group, with Loyola-Meralco Sparks football player Joaco CaƱas

I hope these practical bright ideas from Meralco can also help you be more energy efficient in your homes, rate increase notwithstanding, in the years to come.

Do you have energy-saving ideas you'd like to share?

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