Foodie Friday: Garlicky French Beans

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Aside from broccoli, chayote (sayote), and okra, French beans is one of the girl's favorite vegetables. Everyone in the family, save for the boy, loves this dish - simply sautéd in garlic and seasoning.  This is one of the easiest, no-brainer ulam I often prepare.

One time, there's this elderly lady who asked me how I cook this when she saw me getting a couple of packs from the grocery.  So, here's how I do it.

I usually give you a recipe format for my Mom-Cook, but this is too simple and I don't even have the measurements for the ingredients since I just drizzle and eyeball everything for this one.


French Beans
Minced garlic, lots
Olive oil
Bragg Liquid Aminos

Heat non-stick pan and sauté garlic in oil until fragrant.  Toss in washed beans and season with Bragg (or whatever seasoning you want). Cook for about 6 minutes or until cooked, slightly wilted and tender, but not soggy.

You will notice the garlic and beans will be browned with the seasoning, then add butter - about a tablespoon, which is approximately 1 thin slice from the brick. Mix until well coated and serve immediately.  Great with steamed rice!

Bon appétit! =)

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