Kid-Style: Sparkle with Pixie Dust Jewelry for Girls

Freestyle Friday:  Gifts / Kid-Style

I have a lot of really good finds in the past few weeks and it's great to have this extra Friday this month to share these cute sparkles.  A friend of mine has sent these gifts for the girl recently and got the attention of family and friends when she wore it.  That's the magic of Pixie Dust!

When the package arrived, of course my girl was thrilled to get the gift and can't wait to wear the necklaces she personally picked from the collection.

Pixie Dust is a line of cute and stylish jewelry for girls, a brainchild of two doting moms who love fashion and dressing up their girls.  I think this jewelry line is a great starting set for girls until they eventually graduate to wearing precious gems and family heirloom pieces.

What we love about Pixie Dust:

  • Pretty, unique and colorful designs that big and little girls, even moms, will love
  • Exquisite workmanship
  • Made from high grade 92.5% sterling silver
  • Each piece comes in colorful enamel designs, plated in either rhodium or gold
  • Guaranteed nickel free
  • Guaranteed hypoallergenic
  • Perfect gift idea
  • Reasonably priced - from PhP500 - PhP2,850 per piece 

I would have wanted a set for her - with matching design for earrings, bracelet and necklace, but she refused.  She just wanted necklaces.

From the Cherry set we were looking at, she only wanted the cherry necklace with bright green cord.  It's so cute, and perfect for her rugged attire.  Another request is a gold necklace.  After browsing the collection, she saw her friend wearing this necklace, and as expected, she wanted one too.  She got her wish with this beautiful gold and blue mermaid pendant with gold chain. Thanks Pixie Dust, we love her new jewelry!

This gold-plated mermaid is studded with crystals, and is 4cm in size from head to tail.  You can see the engraving at back of the loop with 925, guaranteed sterling silver.

Here are some designs I was eyeing. Check out the lady bugs and pink cherries!  These will be wonderful gifts for my nieces.  Aside from the mermaid pendant, Pixie Dust also came out with a lollipop and ice cream, looking so whimsical and sparkly too!

Time to surprise your little princesses!
Check out all the collection and order your Pixie Dust online via Facebook: www.facebook.com/pixiedustsparkle 

Pixie Dust cleaning Instructions:
Like any other silver jewelry, your sparkles can turn dull with everyday use.  The best and easiest way to clean our sterling silver jewelry is by using toothpaste and a toothbrush to buff the silver.
Another option is to lay the jewelries in a foil or a pan lined with aluminum foil, sprinkle with baking soda and a little bit of salt.  Then pour hot water into them and gently stir.
After either procedure, rinse the jewelries in running water.  They will sparkle like new!

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