Fun Friday: Photo Shoot at Blow-Up Babies

Third Friday of the month:  Recreation / Event / Family Activity

This was our first family pictorial in almost eight years, so I am considering this session a family event.

After the boy turned two, we did not have a photo shoot with the whole family anymore, even after the girl arrived.  I regret that now.  We only get a chance to take family pictures during parties and special occasions. That's why I was thrilled when Blow-Up Babies tied up with the SoMoms to have all our portraits taken with each of our families.  This is my chance to have professionals take our pictures -- something that I can blow up and have framed.

So, what makes Blow-Up Babies different from other photography studios?
Blow-Up Babies is the country's first full production photography studio.This means they can take care of every detail of your photo session:  from make-up and costumes, to sets and lighting.  Blow-Up Babies will also do the digital post-production work, so expect beautiful and creative pictures from them.

The studio was ready when we arrived last Wednesday (we were late!), and after each set-up, the Blow-Up Babies team changed the backdrop in a flash.  We had a total of 3 settings for our family pictures, and 1 for my solo - to be included in our SoMoms profile page and portfolio.

We had a full hour at the studio.  As expected, the girl started acting up and had some hesitations at the beginning, while the boy was distracted by the assortment of props and costumes in the shelves.  It was a challenge to reign them in.  Thankfully, our photographers, Maude and Lowie, were friendly, patient, and very fast!  Once we got the boy and the girl to stay still, they started clicking away until they get some good shots.

After reviewing the raw files, I'm relieved to find several good takes! If I was not too preoccupied looking after the kids, I would have requested for a more simple background though.  The final pictures are not yet with me as I write this, but suffice to say, I am happy with the photos I chose, my solo included.  Instead, let me share a few shots that did not make the cut, for obvious reasons. =) 
Here are a few of them:

Kids... hello... look at the camera please... put your hand down, stop playing with the accessories!

Can you face the camera and stay still for a few seconds?!?!

This is so.... not me! Hihihi... may I do another pose, please? =)

I'm thankful that J was willing to do this for me 'coz I know this was a chore for him. =)  Of course, the kids had to be briefed a few days earlier so they know what to expect and not give us a headache come pictorial time.  

It was not easy to pick a day for the shoot since the SoMoms are always busy, and the husbands have work. But I'm glad we finally did it.  It was brief, a bit stressful (as always, with the kids), but certainly a fun and memorable shoot, thanks to Blow-Up Babies.  We have the pictures to show for it!  Once I have the final shots, you'll sure to see it on my profile picture on my social networking sites, so watch out for it. (",)

Book your own family photo shoot too! 
Blow-Up Babies is having a special promo for this month of May only!

Check out their studio and gallery here: www.blowupbabies.com

Blow-Up Babies
2nd Floor, Shops at Serendra
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, Philippines

Final edit of my solo and of our family pictures.

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