My 3 Things: Fragrance

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Summer season.  I have observed that I consume more body sprays or colognes during this season.  Maybe with the warm weather, I just want to feel cool and fresh all day.  Who wouldn't, right? I only have a few bottles on my dresser, half of which are gifts, and I'm not complaining.  In fact, I'm lucky I like most of them, and I really use them alternately, depending on my mood, of course.

If you've been following my blog and Instagram, you know how #my3things work.  Here are my summer scents of the moment:
  1. pureDKNY - A Drop of Rose - Floral and feminine:  This is my second pureDKNY bottle, and I must say, this line of fragrance from DKNY has grown on me.  After my fave Drop of Vanilla, this Turkish rose in a bottle is unexpectedly light and delicate - not the common, strong rose-scented perfumes that give me a headache.  It fades with a light powdery sweet note.  During these warm days, when I'm feeling girly and sweet, A Drop of Rose is my scent of choice.  It can  go from day to night.
  2. Mustela Agua di Colonia - Cool and baby fresh:  I have not used baby cologne for the longest time, so it was such a delight to receive this wonderful bottle of alcohol-free everyday spray that I get to share with my kids.  Admittedly, I use this more than they do, spaying as often as I like, heehee!  It brings me back to my younger years, with that fresh-out-of-the-shower scent.  This is a perfect pick-me-up to feel refreshed on a hot and humid day.
  3. Gap Blue - Citrus and crisp: Literally, this is an old bottle - a gift from my mother eons ago.  I really am amazed a how the simple and crisp scent remained even after over a decade!  This proves I'm not a heavy user of fragrances. I love how young and vibrant this smells, perfect for days when I'll be on the go all day, or when I'm feeling preppy or sporty.
Do you have a favorite summer scent? What's your #my3things #fragrance?

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