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My initial impression on Mustela is that the brand is only for babies.  I've heard about it from friends and I've seen their stalls in malls, but I never really paid much attention since I felt they are not relevant to me anymore.  Irrelevant because I don't have babies nor toddlers, so I have no use for their products.  I was wrong.

Frankly, I am very wary about trying new skin care brands for the family and for myself, especially those used for the face. And at my age, I cannot afford to experiment with unfamiliar products.  Since I've heard only good things from my friends who highly recommend this European brand, I was more open to trying them out for myself and for my children.  So last month, I received this set of Mustela skin care products.  Tammy, of Mustela Philippines, was thoughtful enough to ask about our personal skin conditions so she can send Mustela products that will match our specific needs.
  • My boy has no special skin condition, except having a tendency to get dry.  He dislikes strong fragrances and sticky lotions on his skin.  
  • My girl, however, has eczema since she was a baby - more commonly known here as skin asthma.
  • It's different with me - what's strange is that I've been having seborrhoeic dermatitis in some areas on my body since late last year, which I never had while growing up. I only learned about this condition after consulting with a dermatologist.
Sorry, I was not able to take photos of earlier red patches on her.  This photo only shows some light redness and a dry scaly, itchy portion on the girl's arm.  She had far worse conditions before, on her other arm, and legs, and some parts of her back.

What is atopic dermatitis this anyway?

Atopic dermatitis (AD, a type of eczema) is an inflammatory, relapsing, non-contagious and pruritic (itchy) skin disorder. It has been given names like "neurodermitis", "endogenous eczema", "infantile eczema,"...
...usual symptoms that occur with this type of dermatitis are aggravated by a Staphylococcus aureus infection, dry skin, stress, low humidity and sweating, dust or sand or cigarette smoke. Also, the condition can be worsened by having long and hot baths or showers, solvents, cleaners or detergents and wool fabrics or clothing." - Wikipedia

We've been using different medicated creams to sooth skin flare ups for my girl and myself.  Though effective for quick relief, some contain harmful chemicals, like steroidal creams, especially with prolonged use. 

From the Mustela samples, these were our favorites:
Milky Bath Oil for my girl
Emollient Cream for both the girl and boy after their bath
Cleansing Cream, and Agua de Colonia for myself.  We are instant Mustela fans!

Stelatopia Milky Bath Oil
This oil can be used during flare ups. After bathing, pour 2 caps of oil into a basin of water then pour over body or affected area.  Use this at least once a week to help prevent or lessen flare ups.

What we did:
 - poured it directly in the bath tub with shallow water, and had my girl soak for a few minutes
 - pat dry then applied the emollient cream
Milky Bath Oil : SRP @ PhP 1,130 / 200ml

Instantly, her skin became soft, supple and moisturized. Not oily at all. No more itchiness!

Stelatopia Emollient CreamIt acts as moisturizer for face and body for atopic skin.  It helps relieve itchiness due to dryness.
With just a small amount, we use this on specific areas with dry patches for instant relief and moisture.
Light and creamy texture, that is quickly absorbed by the skin.  My girl's red, itchy patches were gone after a few days of using this emollient.

Emollient Cream : SRP @ PhP 1,190  200ml

Stelatopia not only moisturizes, it also protects the skin barrier and it has an active lipid replenishing process (which 100% of other brands for eczema do not have), which means it activates the production of essential lipids to improve and, therefore, repair the skin.

Note:  Stelatopia for atopic dermatitis is not medicine.  It's a more natural alternative with no harmful chemicals to initially address skin problems, before resorting to use actual medicines.

Mustela Bebe line is for normal skin, and everyone can use them, not just babies.

Agua de Colognia
This cologne has a fresh baby scent, as I featured here on #my3things.  I share this with my kids as our everyday scent.  It is alcohol-free, so it's perfectly safe for babies, even newborns.  Since it's alcohol-free, don't expect for the scent to linger the whole day.  We spray this on as often as we feel like it.
Agua de Colonia : SRP @ PhP 620

2 in 1 Hair and Body Wash
Okay, I don't have a baby anymore, but my girl loves using this head-to-toe wash!
When she ran out of shampoo, I handed her this tube and we both liked the milky wash, that's super mild and lightly scented.  It washes easily and leaves no residue on the skin. It is soap-free, and has no harmful chemicals as with all Mustela products.
2 in 1 : SRP @ PhP 520

What I like about the brand and from the variants we've tried:
  • Mustela is a European skin care expert for babies and mothers-to-be founded in 1950
  • All products tested under pediatric and dermatological control; complies with European Cosmetic Directive, French Code of Public Health, Food and Drug Administration of the Philippines, and all the 60 other countries where it is distributed
  • Prescribed, tested and used by doctors, medical and healthcare professionals
  • Ingredients are composed of at least 80% to 98% from natural origins, per product
  • NO paraben, phthalate, phenoxyethanol
  • NO alcohol, essential oils
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Highly tolerant on eyes and skin
  • Stelatopia range is for atopic dermatitis, eczema (commonly referred to as skin asthma)
    • Active ingredient is sunflower oil distillate
    • Best alternative against steroidal creams or corticosteroids because it eliminates the need for corticosteroids by 75% to 100%, with the same therapeutic performance
Mustela has 4 product ranges:
1. Mustela Bebe - for normal skin
2. Mustela Dermo-Pediatrie Stelatopia - for sensitive, atopic skin, eczema, problem skin
3. Mustela 9 Months - for pregnant and breastfeeding moms
4. Mustela Sun Protection - sunblock for normal or sensitive skin

You can get product updates from Mustela Philippine's Facebook page here.  
Click here for the list of outlets.

Hotline: 0917-8959988
Email: mustelaphilippines@yahoo.com

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