Foodie Friday: Instant Korean Bulgogi

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Remember my Samgyusal foodie post last year? After learning how easy that was to prepare, I've been serving almost every week 'til we got sick of it, hahahaha... Then I found this nice bottle of pear and apple puree.  Hello instant beef bulgogi!
Korean #lunch:  My post on Instagram

I did not plan on posting this "recipe" because the magic is really in the bottle and not with my cooking.  All I did was just prepare the mise en place, then sauté everything. =)   But seriously, I know I'm not the only one who needs something "instant" on some days or nights.  I can't deny that I buy a lot of prepared sauces for meats and pastas.  They just make my domestic life so much easier while making the food taste good too.

CJ Korean Bulgogi sauce is one my go-to sauces for quickfire dishes.  For home cooks like me, spending 30 minutes, or less, from prep to plating would be a home run!  This bulgogi is one of it.

Bulgogi literally means "fire meat", a technique where meat is cooked in open flame.  This traditional Korean beef dish is cooked like a barbecue, but can also be stir-fried, and eaten with a lettuce wrap.  Chicken (dak) and pork (dwaeji) can also be use.  Today's dish is traditional, with thinly sliced beef.


250 g sirloin beef, sukiyaki cut
CJ Korean Bulgogi sauce
garlic, minced
white onion, sliced
ginger, (about a size of a thumb) sliced
carrot, julliened
leeks, sliced on a diagonal
2 tablespoon cooking oil
1/4 cup water (optional)

To prepare:
(Ask your butcher for sukiyaki cut sirloin. This paper-thin cut cooks faster.)
Use 1/3 to 1/2 of the bottled sauce to marinate the beef (or pork) slices for at least 30 minutes.  Mine was overnight in the ref.
Ready your mise en place and heat a pan with oil.

To cook:
Saute your aromatics over medium to high heat, then add carrots and the marinated beef.
Stir-fry for about 2 minutes in high heat, then add the leeks. Lower heat and mix well.
Add more bulgogi sauce by the tablespoon and gradually pour water until your desired thickness of the sauce (you can omit the water if you don't want a watery sauce). Taste to adjust flavor.
Simmer for another minute or two.

Serve immediately. Add cracked pepper if desired.  Bulgogi is great as rice topping!

I forgot how much I bought this bottle from SM Hypermarket, but I'll update this post as soon as I get the price.  See prices of the bottles above (there's spicy variant too!) from SM Hypermarket in Mandaluyong.  Please excuse the grainy food shot - it was taken from my phone for a quick post on Instagram (see top photo), so no pics of ingredients and cooking process as well.  This dish was too good not to share on the blog, so here it is.

Hope you can try this out if you're craving for a simple and delicious instant Korean rice meal! =)

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